Chinese Identities – text by Marco Casamonti – photo by Pietro Savorelli

Towards a “Critical Pragmatism”: Contemporary Architecture in China – text by Li Xiangning

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario
standardarchitecture + Zhaoyang architects / Niyang River Visitor Centre – text by standardarchitecture + Zhaoyang architects – photo by Chen Su
Zhaoyang architects / Shuangzi Hotel – text by Zhaoyang architects
Studio Pei-Zhu / Yang Liping Performing Arts Centre – text by Studio Pei-Zhu
O-Office Architects / Stone Art Gallery – text by O-Office Architects – photo by Likifoto
Amateur Architecture Studio / Wa Shan - The Guesthouse on Xiangshan Campus – text by Wang Shu – photo by Iwan Baan
META-Project / Water Tower Renovation  – text by META-Project – photo by Chen Su
AZL architects / Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel – text by Zhang Lei / AZL architects – photo by Yao Li
Studio Pei-Zhu / OCT Design Museum – text by Studio Pei-Zhu – photo by Pei Zhu, Fang Zhenning
LYCS Architecture / Tian Tai No.2 Primary School – text by LYCS Architecture – photo by Yu Xu, Su Shengliang
TAO (Trace Architecture Office) / Wuyishan Bamboo Raft Factory  – text by Trace Architecture Office – photo by Su Shengliang
Vector Architects / Eco-Farm Visitor Centre – text by Vector Architects – photo by Su Shengliang
Archi-Union Architects / Jade Museum – text by Archi-Union Architects – photo by Xia Zhi
Atelier Deshaus / Long Museum West Bund – text by Atelier Deshaus – photo by Su Shengliang, Xia Zhi
Atelier FCJZ / Vertical Glass House – text by Atelier FCJZ
Scenic Architecture Office / Huaxin Exhibition Centre – text by Scenic Architecture Office – photo by Su Shengliang

letture critiche/critical lectures
Adaptation – architecture and change in China – text by Laura Andreini – photo by Pietro Savorelli

Chinese art between rubble and shards – text by Demetrio Paparoni

chinese identity bibliographical journey
edited by Aldo De Poli

itinerario contemporaneo/contemporary itinerary
Bilbao – in collaboration with ProViaggiArchitettura – edited by Stefano Moscatelli

esiti concorsi/competitions
text by Alessandro Massarente

recensioni mostre e libri/exhibition and book reviews
texts by Aldo De Poli, Federica Arman, Cecilia Bianchi, Claudio Dolci, Alessandro Massera, Umberto Minuta, Carmine Piscopo

new media
edited by Monica Bruzzone

Chinese Identities

area 137 | chinese identity

Marco Casamonti introduces area 137 issue: chinese identity. A reflection on contemporary chinese architecture.

Niyang River Visitor Centre

area 137 | chinese identities

Architecture firms standardarchitecture and Zhaoyang architects have completed a visitors centre next to a river in Tibet.

Wa Shan – The Guesthouse on Xiangshan Campus

area 137 | chinese identity

A building which is a supplementary facility of living and also to meet the increasing needs of the visitors’ accommodation in Xiangshan campus.

Huaxin Exhibition Centre

area 137 | chinese identity

Scenic Architecture Office designed a building in dialogue with the pre-existing trees.The building represents a connection between men and nature.

Chinese art between rubble and shards

area 137 | chinese identity

Demetrio Paparoni writes about the generation of Chinese artists who appeared on the artistic scene in China in the second half of the Eighties have found themselves face to face…

Contemporary itinerary: Bilbao

area 137 | chinese identity

Bilbao, the main industrial city of the Basque Country, has become a symbol of urban renaissance because of its complex and courageous development, which saw the creation of outstanding architecture.

Focus Green

area 137 | chinese identity | design focus: green

Area 137 Design Focus will deal with sustainability.

Second life. The second life of objects

area 137 | chinese identity | design focus: green

To extend the lifetime of a product, by reusing at least some of its parts, means to put off its decay and transformation into garbage to be disposed of, at…

Public kindergarten in the former fairgrounds in Milan

area 137 | chinese identity

The new CityLife district is an important reference for contemporary architecture of global significance and a significant architecture for Milan. The designers were asked to identify a solution consistent and…

Juhani Pallasmaa. The introspective intrigues of a Finnish forest

area 137 | chinese identity

Juhani Pallasmaa: architect and theoretician, among the most coherently modern ones without any modernistic fundamentalisms and one of the most fascinating explorers of the complexity of architecture.

What remains about the lesson of Mies van der Rohe?

area 137 | chinese identity

What remains today about the lesson of Mies van der Rohe? Forecasting, logical thinking, search for identity between classicism and design, but also a peaceful balance between form and structure.

The contribution of Ai Weiwei to the architectural invention

area 137 | chinese identity

Caroline Klein curates a book dedicated to the contribution of Ai Weiwei to the architectural invention.

Feminine thoughts, ideas and forms

area 137 | chinese identity

The authors coordinated by Maria Grazia Eccheli and Mina Tamborrino, open up the curtain on many forgotten events regarding the feminine world of architecture.

La città come luogo di interazione tra individui e flussi di informazioni

area 137 | chinese identity

Carlo Ratti and his vision of as a place of interaction between individuals and information fluxes.

Three realm of wonder essayer through art, design and good taste

area 137 | chinese identity

Three interesting exhibitions are held this autumn in Genoa, in Venice and in Milan, to examine particular aspects of Italian design.

Between expressiveness and nature. A new modenrity for the work of Alvar Aalto

area 137 | chinese identity

In collaboration with the Alvar Aalto Museum, the Vitra Design Museum dedicates an important critical and retrospective exhibition to the Finnish architect.

Few months to go to the beginning of Expo. Interacting and playing with food culture

area 137 | chinese identity

Few months to go to Expo 2015, Milan will “put on the table” a great exhibition.

War as acceleration of architecture and technical knowledge

area 137 | chinese identity

A investigation on the acceleration of culture, technical knowledge and productive organization that the presence of War always requires.

Chronicles from Frankfurt. The best highrise award.

area 137 | chinese identity

The sixth edition of the Highrise Award.