area 137 | chinese identity

In the assemblies of professionals, in Italy, the presence of women, is still low, while in university classrooms the majority of those who approach to architecture is represented by women. But what happens in the stratified layers of the history of architecture, from concept to construction, and in the palpitating world of organization and communication? Wherever the presence of women is very strong, but it has not always been conveniently expressed.
A new book imprints a vigorous leap forward to confirm the consistency of the '' half the sky ", in the positions of the twentieth century avant-gard and thee design commitment today. The authors coordinated by Maria Grazia Eccheli and Mina Tamborrino, open up the curtain on many forgotten events.
In the section "DonnArchitettura" (reached after years of partial researches, started with an exhibition in Ferrara) demonstrates the blatant truth contained in the identifier chiasmus. They are reconstructed exemplary situations, occurring from the individualist time of Le Corbusier,of  the Bauhaus and of the CIAM to the revolution of skills and aptitudes required in the design of the post-war period. In the section Stanze (Rooms), portrait galleries, echoes of places of worship and visions of art workshops, widen the horizon of knowledge. "Paesaggi" (Landscapes) concludes the section. Each voice had something to say. The future has to start even from that.

Franco Angeli 2014