area 137 | chinese identity

The Highrise Award, and the related exhibition, achieved this year to the sixth edition. Christoph Ingenhoven is the president of the jury and Luisa Hutton one of the members. In this edition, architects and European cities are the most compelling characters: from natural elements activating compositive changes – through green environment, light, air, water – and dimensional compressions . The selection includes "The vertical forest" by Studio Boeri, which wraps a hectare of forest around two towers in the city centre of Milan. Rem Koolhaas-OMA is present with "De Rotterdam", the city-building where spaces are congested by stacking towers. Jean Nouvel in Sidney subverts the usual order of the plans leading up horizontal surface and introducing sophisticated solutions for light to filter it downward – as well as in Barcelona, where Jean Nouvel uses daylight combined with the pattern of the facades to create iridescent effects, outside as inside. With the Sliced Porosity Block, in China, Steven Holl, imposes public spaces both for the exterior and the interior of the building, a rare occurrence in those territories. It's architecture, not just image.

Best High-Rise 2014\15. International Highrise Award 2014.
Frankfurt, DAM Museum
November 20, 2014 - February 1, 2015