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Few months to go to Expo 2015, Milan will "put on the table" and open a great exhibition dedicated to food culture in its broader aspects such as  science, nature, culture, identity, traditions and technology. After the success of the exhibition "Brain", the event is set up in the Museum of Natural History and is produced by the City of Milan, in collaboration with Codice. Idee per la cultura and Gruppo 24 Ore.
The high-scientific-profile exhibition traces the journey of flavour and nutrition: the birth of the seed, linked to the evolution of agriculture and the history of civilization; the preparation of the dish as a result of complex food processes, through the dynamics of trade and spontaneous and induced genetic modification of foods.
The exhibition itinerary, divided into six thematic areas, devotes a special focus on the chemistry of taste and smell, considering the perceptions that influence the relationship with food insomuch as allowing the survival and the joy of food,.The exhibition lingers on the theory and practice of gastronomic science and culinary history.
The exhibition opens very seriously a parenthesis on the world of taste, but there is also a playing-gastronomic aspect in  the variety of set-up models, ranging from the real object to be admired, to interacting installations, through video simulations , artwork, images and reconstructions.

Food. Cibo: dai semi al piatto.
Milan, Museo di Storia Naturale
November 20, 2014 - June 28, 2015