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Invisible Architecture

Invisible Architecture, published last March by Silvana, is a volume created as a catalogue for the same-name exhibition, which took place last winter in Rome at the Bilotti Museum in Villa Borghese. Nevertheless it...

Eyes as Big as Plates

Eyes as Big as Plates is a photography series produced in collaboration with over fifty seniors from ten countries. Starting out as a play on characters from Nordic folklore, the series has evolved into...

A Genealogy of Modern Architecture

"A Genealogy of Modern Architecture - Comparative Critical Analysis of Built Form" is the last book by Kenneth Frampton published by Lars Müller Publishers.

Rediscovering Italy Guides

Cultural sites and landscapes. The Rediscovering Guides by Il Mulino publisher.

Young-Old – Urban Utopias of an Ageing Society

Young-Old investigates the contemporary architectural and urban transformations recently occurred as a result of one of the most significant phenomena of our time: population aging. Deane Simpson, architect and expert in urban studies, defines...

La Forgiatura – Rigenerazione urbana: uomo, natura e tecnologia

Giuseppe Tortato, young Milan-based architect, presents in this book his own project, the redevelopment of the former heavy industry La Forgiatura. The book reveals, through the architect's viewpoint, the entire design process, from the concept...

The original imprint of Imre Makovecz, architecture master

The view of Hungarian architecture, developed favoring large historical phases of supranational importance, is presented as a continuous transition from the rule exception. At first glance, walking across beautiful Budapest, it would seem that the...

L’Atlante dei luoghi maledetti

The attractive book of imagined places of no return.

Juhani Pallasmaa. The introspective intrigues of a Finnish forest

Juhani Pallasmaa: architect and theoretician, among the most coherently modern ones without any modernistic fundamentalisms and one of the most fascinating explorers of the complexity of architecture.

What remains about the lesson of Mies van der Rohe?

What remains today about the lesson of Mies van der Rohe? Forecasting, logical thinking, search for identity between classicism and design, but also a peaceful balance between form and structure.

The contribution of Ai Weiwei to the architectural invention

Caroline Klein curates a book dedicated to the contribution of Ai Weiwei to the architectural invention.

Feminine thoughts, ideas and forms

The authors coordinated by Maria Grazia Eccheli and Mina Tamborrino, open up the curtain on many forgotten events regarding the feminine world of architecture.