Events & Exhibitions

Firenze e le avanguardie Radicali. Progetti, azioni, super-visioni, oggetti extra

Firenze e le avanguardie Radicali. Progetti, azioni, super-visioni, oggetti extra  is an exhibition and a seminar focused  on the Radical experiences developed in Florence that started in the mid-sixties and carried on to the...

Burri e Pistoia.La Collezione Gori e le fotografie di Amendola

Photo by Aurelio Amendola The exhibition, promoted by  Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and curated by Bruno Corà has been inaugurated on 9th May and is open until 26th July. Situated in...

Design Parade 10

10th international Festival of Design 3-5 Luglio 2015 - esposizioni fino al 27 settembre

Premio Internazionale Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino

XXVI edizione, 2015 Maredolce-La Favara, Palermo

“Creativa produzione” La Toscana e il design italiano 1950-1990

Going through important italian and international designers’ works, as Sottsass, Castiglioni, Michelucci, Mangiarotti, Aulenti, the exhibition remarks the importance of the tuscan productivity, expecially in the field of art and architecture as well as in the design and making of furnitures and objects.

BOLOGNA DESIGN WEEK A hub for creativity and production

Bologna Design Week is an international event full of happenings, exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, thematic routes through showrooms, shops, galleries and design studios.

Giuseppe Terragni a Roma

With Antonio Carminati, Cesare Cattaneo, Pietro Lingeri, Ernesto Saliva, Luigi Vietti and the collaboration of Marcello Nizzoli, Mario Radice and Mario Sironi. Curated by Flavio Mangione and Luca Ribichini.

London Festival of Architecture 1-30 June 2015

Workshops, events, conferences, exhibitions and a Focus Country about Ireland, build up the London Festival of Architecture, whose central theme is “work in progress”, as an open air building site where will be possible to explore the backstage of several architectural practices, open to public for the entire Festival.

Descension by Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor “Descension” invites the spectator to reflect upon the concept of the infinite and the mysteries of time buried within their form and substance, confirming Kapoor’s interest in non-objects and self-generated forms, in its state of flux and movement. “Descension” presents us with a perpetual force, a thrust downwards and towards a totally unknowable interior.

Olafur Eliasson – The collectivity project

High line art presents Olafur Eliasson’s “The collectivity project” an interactive installation of an imaginary cityscape built with over two tons of white legos.

African Cities in Motion

On the occasion of the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, AS.Architecture-Studioinvites Pascale Cassagnau – in charge of the audio visual, video and new media collections at the CNAP – and Françoise...

London: representations and installations

A presentation of the most important ongoing initiatives in London.