architect: Anish Kapoor

location: San Gimignano, Siena

year: 2015

“Descension” inaugurated on 2nd May 2015 in Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, is an exhibition project by the most internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Anish Kapoor, exhibition adapting itself to the cinema theatre space of the gallery. “Descension” is the name of the most emblematic installation, a huge vortex of water that with its perpetual force, attracts us towards a total unknown endless space. A series of alabaster sculptures, invite the spectator to reflect as well upon the latent state of the power of matter itself, of the energy contained within it and over the sense of eternity. In Kapoor’s poetic, we are always facing a philosophical and paradoxical work, aimed to explore the human being and self-awareness and the universality of space and time.

I have always thought of it [the void] ... as a transitional space, an in-between space. It’s very much to do with time. I have always been interested as an artist in that very first moment of creativity where everything is possible and nothing has actually happened. It’s a space of becoming…all my life I have reflected and worked on the concept that there is more space than can be seen, that there are void spaces, or, as it were, that there is a vast horizon. The odd thing about removing content, in making space, is that we, as human beings, find it very hard to deal with the absence of content. It’s the horror vacui…” Anish Kapoor

The exhibition is open until 05.09.2015, Monday–Saturday, 10am–1pm, 2–7pm in Galleria Continua, Via del Castello 11, San Gimignano (SI) Italy.