The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) returns with its annual edition, celebrating London as a global hub of architectural experimentation, practice and debate. This year’s theme  “ Work in progress” is a chance to explore the changing nature of architecture work  through workshops, tours, events and 62 Open Studios, in order to better understand the architecture practice backstage  and make a reflection about how co-working spaces can influence well-being  and how architecture impact on the evolution of London. “After all, London exists because of its commercial roots, as a place of production, the exchange of goods and services. This has defined our city and its architecture. The profession has always both responded to, and driven, change in society, and this recent state of flux has led to the architectural process also adapting to new demands and issues, working through ideas to offer new solutions. “ says Chair Patricia Brown.

The Festival, inaugurated on 1st June, will run till the end of the month with a rich programme of over 240 events including the opening of Serpentine’s 15th annual summer pavilion designed by Spanish architects SelgasCano and a Focus Country about Ireland, celebrating the opening of the two pavilions built by four Irish practices produced by Irish Design 2015: The Red Pavilion by TAKA, Clancy Moore and Steve Larkin and the Yellow Pavilion by Hall McKnight. Placed at Kings Cross, they explore the city as a permanent work in progress, as an archive and a collective laboratory made by different hands over the time. They will host talks and performances with emerging creative talents in contemporary Irish design culture.