area 123 | on the water

architect: WHY Design Team

WHY is a new type of motor yacht re defining the art of living on the sea. The starting point of WHY is based on everybody’s dream to own an Island: a place to live in complete freedom, with no constraints, with the independence that only the self sufficiency can provide. A real estate with a beautiful villa partly fulfils this aspiration because it is static. A yacht offers the freedom to move but does not have the space of a property. WHY has it all: space, stability, movement, independence, peace.
WHY goes even further. This concept of the moving Island is developed with the latest and most advanced technologies of sustainable energies. The architecture of the whole project is perfectly integrated in the environment with no excesses, nothing is superfluous, the impact on the sea is minimum.
A new and unique way to live the sea whilst caring about it, protecting it, and loving it. The decks and the interiors were developed in accordance with the fundamental credo of WHY, ’form-equals-function’. Thus were born other innovations in the world of mega yachts: patios generously flooding the interior with natural light, photovoltaic panels on the glass hull sides, as well as on the glass roof opening, like Venetian blinds, a forward end swimming pool, and a huge aft deck beach.