architect: 120gr

Today the Italian architecture scene is getting dramatic: decline of suburbs, abandoned buildings, property speculation; in this context the architects are no longer a cultural landmark and a lot of young architects have to emigrate abroad.
Indeed, many centuries ago, in Tuscany, after a long period of deep darkness, few enlightened men gave to the world the formula for a cultural reborn built around the mankind.

Even if those times are passed, can the spirit of Brunelleschi and Michelangelo be connected to the spirit of people nowadays?

Tuscanyness is a movie that tries to tell how this spirit of reborn is still alive through the works and the words of architects both born and educated in the cultural atmosphere of Tuscany. In this enchanting Italian region the beauty is still a civil value, where is possible to experience the true need of establish an alliance with nature, or where is possible to live the unique opportunity to listen to the teachings of the past.

Tuscanyness is a nonprofit project of 120g, a group of young architects, engineers and designers who share the same vision of a better future for their country.

Pillole di Tuscanyness

PREMIÈRE — September 14, 2017
Cinema Arsenale di Pisa, starting from 8 pm
Presentazione del lavoro, proiezione del film e aperitivo.
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directed by: Andrea Crudeli
written by: Andrea Crudeli, Riccardo Bartali, Marta Gnesi, Filippo Lisini Baldi
photography: Alessandro Ariel Terranova, Fabio Santaniello Brunn, Aurelio Zarbo, Riccardo Bartali, Giulio Fazio
narrator: Carlo Bernardini
music: Rugo, Luca Battistini
starring: Marco Casamonti, Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, Carlo Nepi, Augusto Mazzini, Leonardo Matassoni, MDU Architetti, Giuseppe Chigiotti, Claudio Nardi, Eutropia Architettura, Roberto Pasqualetti, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini, Salvatore Re, Massimo Fiorido, Sundaymorning, Paolo Zermani, Paolo Bertoncini Sabatini, Riccardo Butini, Heliopolis 21, Paolo Riani.
aerial view: Alte Vedute
produced by: 120g, CESA Sas, University of Pisa, Montesi Srl, CB Studio, Renato Lupetti