area 119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

year: 1980

Sunset in New York
Some time ago, we were in New York and I found that this powerful city had grown less stimulating; I was less impressed. I asked myself whether New York was not entering a phase of decadence like those experienced by other cities (…). A reflection on the destiny of great cities, a personal commentary on a city Pesce has lived in, experienced and loved; a souvenir of a place, or postcard-object – Sunset in New York also reminds us, by its centered rather than irregular shape and by its height, that every seat is first of all a throne.
Sunset in New York is a three-person sofa made up of seven parallelepiped cushions covered with an original fabric that has a pattern of rectangles in relief. The middle cushion of its back is a large semicircle in flaming red that represents the sun setting beind the skyscrapers of a great metropolis: New York.
Nocturne in New York
“Nocturne in New York“, a vision of a moment a few hours later in the day than “Tramonto a New York” or Sunset in New York, a sofa I created for the same company in 1980 and have never stopped loving since. The production of Tramonto was suspended in 1998 and now we are resuming it, with a version that represents a fragment of the place where I live, at a somewhat later hour, at night, one of those serene nights when the sky is immense and the moon shines on the buildings in the city, that has not gone to sleep yet. What a magnificent night, perhaps a hot and calm summer night...