Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 explores the self-driven city

TAB is an international architecture festival which looks at the future of the architectural profession, introducing local culture and current issues, events for professionals, students and everyone interested in architecture, from 9th September to 18th October 2015.

The third TAB will look into the changes, challenges and opportunities that our cities and their inhabitants will be facing once the third industrial revolution is implemented in full scale and we all start using self-driving cars. What will this mean for architects, designers and urban planners? TAB will turn Tallinn into a test site for the cities of the future, visualising ideas and conceptualising the way cities are built.
The Biennale is curated by architect and city planner Marten Kaevats, produced by Estonian Centre of Architecture and it is organised in several events:  the main exhibition “Body Building”, the visual competitionEpicentre of Tallinn”, a Symposium, the TAB-Lab Research and Development Exhibition and the TAB club.

“Body Building” will take place in the Estonian Museum of Architecture, and will look at hybrid forms of construction where cutting-edge technology and science meets the self-driven variability of material systems trying to find a balance between the unruly and the predictable - body and building.
Furthermore, the vision competition "Epicentre of Tallinn” will be a tool to find a design solution for intersections in the future, when only self-driving cars will drive on the city streets throught 23 entries from 14 countries.
The TAB-Lab Research and Development Exhibition, will bring together a selection of the most interesting technology companies matched to architecture schools for special projects. Staged in Kultuurikatel, a magnificent 20th century industrial building in Tallinn harbour area, the TAB-Lab will explore what the next industrial revolution means for architecture and the built environment.
On 10th and 11TH September, The Symposium will take place as an interdisciplinary route, looking at the way space, technology and community intertwine in the context of the third industrial revolution. The very central core of the biennale is undoubtedly the TAB Club : an information hub and a meeting place where all paths meet, all roads go. Hosting events, workshops, discussions, parties as well as an architecture bookshop, a cafe-bar and an open stage for performances , this space becomes an interesting place for architects as well as any urbanite and passer-by.

TAB is accompanied by a number of satellite events including a tour to Tallinn’s most exciting architecture offices.

TAB 2015 self-driven city video