area 121 | industrial building

architect: Brückner & Brückner architekten

location: Würzburg, Germany

year: 2006

At the intersection of highways and canals – at the edge of the old town – in the center of
the destroyed city, a new hearts starts beating. Power and heat – elixir of life – arises from the bottom of the port. A sensitive building at the water – its architecture related to the time. Soon, the veins of energy flow into all houses. A special appearance in winter – a whole city without chimneys – only one smokes at the water. The enclosure is too small – it grows. Gone are constructional promises. Growth is the only builder – color as concealment. The now aged, partially unloved construction with its coal bunkers moves. For us a change and a challenge. We weave energy-political and ecological aspects with the city – the new environment and the human being. New urban spaces are being developed. The way to the river – the place at the port – the mole. The energy construction protects and becomes the platform.
Space-consuming facades – the new clothes give power and warmth.