architect: Un progetto a cura di Chiara Bertola e Giuliano Sergio nato dalla collaborazione tra la Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Livio Felluga e RAM radioartemobile

location: Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venezia

“Paesaggi d’aria. Luigi Ghirri e Yona Friedman/Jean-Baptiste Decavèle” is a reflection over the meeting between photography and architecture most original innovators: the photographer Luigi Ghirri and the duo Friedman / Decavéle. Their investigations, as many artistic researches after the Second World War, deals with a new perception of the work of art no longer seen through frames, display cases, pedestals in favour of a less dinstinction between object and envelope, building and environment. The Italian landscape is the common ground for both authors, that with their works, go beyond the way cultural heritage and museums is traditionally percieved. For this reason, the exhibition combines Luigi Ghirri photographs with the “Vigne Museum” by Friedman / Decavéle visionary genius. The museum is designed as a meeting place and an observatory that queries the territory and its landscape: a radical structure without walls, that provides reflections over the concept of museum and the current function of contemporary art and architecture. The comparison between the two, is visible in the documentary by photojournalist and filmmaker Luigi Vitale, which tells the reasons of "Vigne Museum" project as well as showing the stages of its construction. Luigi Ghirri, with his shots, looks for a balance, forgets formalism to combine experience and memory of vision. Not only a representation of the landscape to show its aura, but also a way to live it, to read it through the day and the night lights. A way to look at the landscape through windows and doorways. Yona Friedman and Jean-Baptiste Decavéle conceive the museum, expecially the "Vigne Museum", as an open structure, grafted into the landscape, which project its functions outside. The museum loses walls, becomes an ephemeral monument. Along with the container, the work of art/object disappear: the museum itself is a frame that train the eye to find the "works of art" in between the buildings and the squares, the country views, to catch them in the history folds, as Luigi Ghirri images do.

21st of November 2015 - 21 of February 2016
Timetable: Thursdays - Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm
Tickets: The visit is included in Fondazione Querini Stampalia ticket Full price ticket 10; reduced ticket 8
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