area 123 | on the water

architect: Espen E. Erikstad

location: Oslo, Norway

year: 2008

”Loup de Mer” is a conceptual houseboat for students or people with a fluctuating need for permanent residence in Oslo or other urban harbors.
The design seeks to propose a new formal identity, or formal language, of the houseboat. The main focus has been on formal expression, and how the units relate to the city. It is inspired by both architectural and naval elements- which have resulted in a concept that in many ways challenge the “typical houseboat” as we know it today. I wanted to find a formal balance between “the house” and “the boat”. The main topics that I wanted to question were: Identity, Appearance, Mobility, and Accessibility. “Loup de Mer” utilizes areas of the harbor that is vacant in the off-season. They form an independent accessible structure with no fixed mooring, thus not occupying the harbor when they are out sailing.
With this concept I hope to question the houseboat as we know it, and propose a new formal identity for future houseboats.