location: Lisbon, Portugal

year: 2016

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is an open platform for debate, research and promotion of contemporary architecture founded in 2007. Unique in the Iberian Peninsula, it operates in a disciplinary field that benefits of great world recognition due to Portuguese architects who have over the years consolidated their presence outside Portugal making a mark in the international cultural scene. An invitation was made to architects André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes to share the chief curatorship of this edition, something with no precedent in the Lisbon Triennale’s history. From Porto and Lisbon, respectively, this curator duo presents a solid career grounded in the multiplicity of practices, both in built work as in the production of architectural theory and criticism. Diogo Seixas Lopes passed away in February, when the preparation work for the Triennale was already consolidated. The best homage the Triennale can do to him is to accomplish the work he conceived and, in that sense, conclude the project as it was designed.
The world is transformed through architecture. Under the title The Form of Form, this fourth edition of the Lisbon Triennale sets out to further the debate around a wide spectrum of contemporary approaches to architectural practice today; in other words, to debate the ways in which the world is transformed. With its diverse yet cohesive programme, the Triennale will seek to highlight currents of thought considered important for the production of architecture in a social context that is in constant transformation. The different perspectives on architecture will be presented through their aesthetic, technical, social and political aspects. Understanding architecture as a profession that is committed to a complex social context will make it possible to further advance the implications and possibilities of architectural decisions, enhancing their technical and cultural importance in society.

67 days, 4 main exhibitions, 1 book, 7 satellites, 3 awards, 1 competition, 14 associated projects, 3 international conferences

5 oct - 11 dec 2016