Alfonso Morone

Paolo Giardiello


Roberto Lazzeroni, Andrea Lupi


Duravit per uno spazio di grandi contrasti!


Tavola, Tavoletta, Andrea Crosetta/Antrax

Texture Collection, Meneghello Paolelli Associati/Fima Carlo Frattini

Azuley, Meneghello Paolelli Associati/Artceram

SML, Grohe design department/Grohe

Focus, Hidra design department/Hidra

Milanoslim, Franco Sargiani/Fantini

Bucket, Giovanna Talocci/Scarabeo

Intersezione, Luca Scacchetti/Gattoni Rubinetteria

Silence e Reflection, Cosentino design department/Cosentino Group

pura 5000 new, duka design department/duka

Vitalo, King & Kiranda/Zehnder Group Italia

Bonola, Jasper Morrison/Ceramica Flaminia

Specchi per bagno, J&J design department/J&J

I Naturali, Laminam design department/Laminam

District Garage, Refin design department/Ceramiche Refin

Déco d’Antan, Tagina design department/Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte

Juta, Lorenzo Palmeri/Stone Italiana (con Jannelli&Volpi)

Onda, Benzima/Romagna Plastic



Showroom Marazzi, Milano


Casalgrande Padana

Mediterranean: ceramics in architecture between crafts and production

area 136 | elements | bathroom

In the early Fifties Paolo Soleri, Agli inizi degli anni Cinquanta Paolo Soleri, After transforming a small bus into his first travelling home-studio, he began a journey across the peninsula,…

A shared intimacy

area 136 | elements | bathroom

The bathroom is a place in an architectural interior strongly conditioned by its use, which requires a high performance and specific devices. It is a matter of a function which…

ILBagno, a bourgeois collection from the idea to the product: Roberto Lazzeroni and Andrea Lupi

area 136 | elements | bathroom

ILBagno is the latest collection by antoniolupi. An interview to Roberto Lazzeroni, the collection’sdesigner and Andrea Lupi.

Fundamentals for Architecture

area 136 | elements

Marco Casamonti introduces area 136: “Elements”.

area 136 elements

area 136 | elements | design focus: bathroom

A reflection on the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Elements of Architecture: Delirious Venice

area 136 | area

A critical reading of the hypothesis proposed by Rem Koolhaas in the exhibition “Elements of Architecture”, analyzed through the fundamentals of architecture.

Shihlen Office Building

area 136 | elements

Alvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira together for the realistion of Shihlen Office Building a Huai’an City.

The House of the Infinite

area 136 | elements

Alberto Campo Baeza designs an infinite horizontal plane on the seaside of Cadiz.

House for Tree

area 136 | elements

House for Trees is a prototypical house with th aim of having green space into the city, accommodating high-density dwelling with big tropical trees

Museo Jumex

area 136 | elements

A museum designed by David Chipperfield Architects to showcase the largest private art collection in Latin America.

CDD – Center for Disability

area 136 | elements

The design of the Center for Disability in Seregno, realized by Archea Associati, is inspired by a gestural approach to architectural materials, which makes it possible to meet the functional…

Glass Farm

area 136 | elements

Schijndel‘s market square suffered damages during the Second World War and today gains new life through MVRDV project.


area 136 | elements

The most significant characteristic of this construction by studio Phenomenon is the stainless steel fence which surrounds the building.

Solo House

area 136 | elements

A bare horizontal volume detached from the ground, suspended in an almost archaic time.

Finish Tower Rotsee

area 136 | elements

A new finish tower for rowing regattas in Rotsee Lake, where the opening of the rowing center is scheduled for july 2016.

Chiarano Primary School

area 136 | elements

Chiarano Primary School is a porous building. It allows the territory and the light to flow inside the spaces.

Twin Houses Kastanienbaum

area 136 | elements

A semi-detached house located in a woodland, not far from the city of Lucerne and on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

House in Ubatuba

area 136 | area

A house with an amazing terrace on top, at same level of the street. A bridge connects the street to the main entrance of the house.

Row Houses – Bom Sucesso Design Resort

area 136 | elements

This project by Ines Lobo involves the building of a block of 18 premises for habitation purposes next to the Óbidos Lake in the future site of the Golf and…

Dalarna University Library

area 136 | elements

The building is laid out as an approximately 3,000 sqm ’spiral of knowledge’ that naturally integrates into the surrounding landscape at the University Campus in Falun.

Museum of Vucedol Culture

area 136 | elements

The basic idea behind the concept of this museum is integration into the terrain, which is achieved with the museum design which is mostly buried in the ground and only…

Barrakka Lift

area 136 | elements

A high panoramic lift is located on the edge of Malta’s historic fortified capital city of Valletta.

Ampliamento dell‘Università di Eskilstuna, Svezia

area 136 | elements

The aim of the competition is to provide suggestions for the design of a new building within Kv Verkmästaren 6 and 7 and to integrate the old bath house in…

Nuovo Centro Arvo Pärt, Laulasmaa, Estonia

area 136 | elements | bathroom

Arvo Pärt, the famous Estonian composer internationally appreciated and respected, founded in 2010 the Arvo Pärt Centre with the goal of preserving and studying his creative legacy. The new building will…

Contemporary itinerary: Lisbon

area 136 | elements

Lisbon has always presented an interesting contribution to contemporary architecture, in continuous renewal. The itinerary is an update to the one published on area 71.

New interpretations for the centenary of Lina Bo Bardi

area 136 | elements

The hundredth anniversary of the birth of Lina Bo Bardi, architect and designer, is celebrated this year in Italy, Brazil and in other countries. Born in Rome on 5 December…

Common goods. Towards a participatory notion of landscape

area 136 | elements

The notion of landscape is changing, and becoming richer; from place of relation and movement (Mouvance), to emblematic connotation of new dynamics that are nourished by change (Mutation), to place…