area 121+ | ouverture

architect: Luigi Massoni

year: 1968

Dilly-Dally is a cylindrical furniture item formed of a table with container combined with an armchair covered in calf hide. The top with a tilting mirror is mounted on a pivot. The armchair with backrest and seat are upholstered. The top with mirror serves as lid for a compartment in plastic material with compartments of different depths for accessories and products. The internal structure is in wood. It is available in white, black, orange, turquoise or apple green. An adjustable lamp with enlarging mirror was offered as an accessory.
Dilly-Dally, another word for loitering, is the name the designer Luigi Massoni has given his creation; it is a matter of a witty name indicating a typically female habit. The small cylindrical leather unit can be opened, revealing a desk for applying makeup, storing precious objects, writing and thinking, inside a comfortable shell. One only needs to do like Alice, and open the cylinder and pull out one‘s own wonderland. A description of Dilly-Dally from the Seventies reads as follows: “In a world parallel to that of Alice, it rains horizontally and the watch does not follow time, it is time that follows the watch. In Alice‘s world, and in any other world, every woman always has a mirror to check her face, and a place for brushes, combs, eye-shadows, ribbons, lipsticks, powder, perfumes and so on.
Dilly-Dally provides a place for all this: all you need to do is to open the cylinder and pull out the mirror, the lamp, the compartments to keep things, and the armchair. Dilly-Dally, for the fairest of them all”.