Curated by Oliva Sartogo
a dialogue with Achille Bonito Oliva
Carla Accardi, Chiara Dynis, Eliseo Mattiacci, Mimmo Paladino, Pietro Ruffo, Marco Tirelli, Giuseppe Uncini. 

from April 23 till June 11, 2017
only by appointment

MUSEO d'INVERNO is pleased to inaugurate the second event of the season by inviting architects Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon to an exhibition dedicated to their relationship with several artists, focusing on Chiesa del Santo Volto di Gesù in Rome restored by the architects, where seven artists have donated their works. Most of the artists and architects's designs, models and original sketches will be exhibited as an evidence of their friendship and in a wider sense to expose the relationship between art and architecture. In the museum's project room, which was actually enhanced by the Greek artist Miltos Manetas, will be presented a site specific work by young Italian artist Alessandro Giannì. MUSEO d'INVERNO through a series of unpublished or fullfilled Art History's stories, satisfies the urgency of a necessary and non-repayable use of art with more timely and more appropriate times. According to this principle, Md'I invites artists to choose and take care of a selection of other authors' works kept in their private collection, useful to highlight the relationships that have characterized their artistic paths, their lives and their thoughts. In addition, Md'I, with the Diospero project, commissioned the invited artist to design a site specific site element/work to complete and transform the aesthetic and functional aspect of the museum, thus enriching it with a permanent collection.