illuminiamo i monumenti dentro e fuori is an event by the Metropolitan City of Naples which enlighten its historical sites: Palazzo Matteotti, Reggia di Portici, Complesso di Santa Maria la Nova and Gran Caffè Gambrinus will metaphorically enlighten, animated by a rich program of cultural events, exhibitions, seminars and conferences, which allow to discover some of the most prestigious locations of the Metropolitan City of Naples.
The project aims to implement actions of enhancement of the existing cultural heritage, promoting the use and the knowledge of it, as well as enriching the attractiveness of the territory.
On the 19th of October to introduce the event, the documentary "illuminiamo i monumenti dentro e fuori" by Nicolangelo Gelormini as been shown; an interesting route along the main locations of the event, highlighting their historical, architectural and social relevance, through the use of sounds and light.
Among the three scheduled exhibition, “Controluce 1991-2014” curated by Maria Savarese, in the cloister of Santa Maria La Nova. The exhibition describes Naples and Southern Italy during 25 years with mostly unpublished shots by Neapolitans photographers Mario Laporta, Charles Hermann, Salvatore Laporta, Alfonso Di Vincenzo, Roberta Basile, Alessio Buccafusca.
Photographers who follows the city daily life, as eyewitnesses, since long time abandoned the romantic notion of photojournalism in favor of an immediate and direct testimony. 60 shots tracing the history of the city from 1991 to nowadays, through specific themes (politics, crime news, job, sports, entertainment, culture, Naples aerial views, folk).
Moreover, 800 photos are projected inside the eight rose windows in the cloister’s porch. "Revitalise the rose windows of the cloister of Santa Maria La Nova with projected images means reviving a space designed to accommodate icons or paintings. The decision to project some photos of Southern Italy means to confirm the ancient role of Naples as capital city, role it had till two centuries ago, and that in a sense still serves ". Maria Savarese writes in his catalog essay.
Other scheduled exhibitions: “Volando sulla megalopoli. Napoli Città Metropolitana” , curated by architect Cherubino Gambardella, in the cloister of Santa Maria La Nova, which aims to formulate an utopian vision of the city of Naples: 11 architects were asked to express their vision through ideal places images, modern "postcards", placed in dialogue with bas reliefs. Then, from November 25 to January 7, “I capolavori della Città Metropolitana di Napoli” in Palazzo Matteotti and Reggia di Portici, exhibiting over fifty masterpieces, including paintings, sculptures and objects of the popular tradition, as “I pupi” , owned by the city of Naples.

Location: Chiostro grande del complesso monumentale di Santa Maria La Nova - Piazza Santa Maria la Nova 44, Napoli
Date: October 29, 2015 - January 7, 2016
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 - 18. Closed on Mondays
Free admission
Catalog: published by arte'm