A Stone Sky text by Maria Argenti

Message from the Bowels of the Earth - text by Manfred Sack - photo by Peter Seidel

letture critiche/critical lectures
An Excavation into the Deep - text by Antonello Boschi
When we think of an excavation in architecture, we inevitably refer to a construction, the founding act of a house, a fabrica, of a city.

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario
Tadao Ando/Chichu Art Museum - text by Tadao Ando - photo by Mitsuo Matsuoka, Tadao Ando
BCHO Architects/Earth House - text by BCHO Architects - photo by Yongkwan Kim, Wooseop Hwang
Markus Scherer with Walter Dietl/Forte di Fortezza - text by Markus Scherer - photo by Alessandra Chemollo, René Riller
Manuel Aires Mateus /House in Leiria - text by Manuel Aires Mateus - photo by SG+FG
Manuel Aires Mateus/Etar de Alcântara - text by Manuel Aires Mateus - photo by Arquivo Simtejo, Leonardo Finotti
Huber Staudt architekten/ MRI Laboratory - text by Huber Staudt architekten - photo by Werner Hutmacher
Felipe Assadi Arquitectos/Atelier in Bahia Azul - text by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos - photo by Fernando Alda
Petr Hajek Architekti/KCEV - text by Petr Hajek Architekti - photo by Benedikt Markel
BIG/ Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium - text by BIG - photo by Iwan Baan, Jens Lindhe, Rasmus Hjortoshoj
Studio C102/1Rebel Broadgate - text by Studio C102 - photo by Gareth Gardner
Zaha Hadid Architects/Messner Mountain Museum - text by Zaha Hadid Architects - photo by Inexhibit, Paolo Riolzi, Wisthaler Photography
KWK Promes - Robert Konieczny/National Museum in Szczecin - text by Robert Konieczny - photo by Juliusz Sokoàowski
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas/Duomo Station - text by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Oppenheim Architecture/Destination Spa+Resort - text by Oppenheim Architecture
Oppenheim Architecture/ Wadi Rum Resort - text by Oppenheim Architecture

Into the Deep - text by Iwan Baan - Jessica Collins - photo by Iwan Baan

The Secret Room of Michelangelo Buonarroti in San Lorenzo - text by Sergio Risaliti - photo by Antonio Quattrone

bibliographical journey
edited by Aldo De Poli

itinerario contemporaneo/contemporary itinerary
New York
edited by Andrea Nastri, Giuliana Vespere

esiti concorsi/competitions
text by Alessandro Massarente

recensioni mostre e libri/exhibition and book reviews
texts by Aldo De Poli, Maria Amarante, Silvia Avanzi, Susanna Bastardini, Claudio Dolci, Alessandro Gattara, Alessandro Massera, Umberto Minuta, Ilaria Morcia, Carmine Piscopo

new media
edited by Monica Bruzzone

The Hub Module di Kraaijvanger Architects

area 145+ | living tools

The Hub is a modular, easily dismantled system that allows empty buildings to be turned into homes in a few days.

Rediscovering Italy Guides

area 145+ | living tools

Cultural sites and landscapes. The Rediscovering Guides by Il Mulino publisher.

Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium

area 145 | underworld

BIG’s project for the Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium features in the issue 145 “Underworld”.

Atelier in Bahia Azul

area 145 | underground

Felipe Assadi Arquitectos design Atelier in Bahia Azul, in Chile: small retreat perfect for painting.

A Stone Sky

area 145 | underworld

Archea Associati, Square and public facilities in Merate, Lecco – photo by Pietro Savorelli There is a passage, in Calvino‘s Cosmicomiche, which, describing our planet from an unusual point of…

House in Leiria

area 145 | underworld

The site is o the outskirts of Leiria, in a high position overlooking the city. The functions are banal: a house divided in private area with bedrooms, and social area…

area 145+ living tools

area 145+ | living tools

          editoriale/editorial Essential Tools of Living text by Paolo Giardiello design/design Living Tools: Kitchen i29 interior architects/Invisible Kitchen – text by i29 interior architects – photo…

Essential Tools of Living – The kitchen and bathroom: presence and absence of domestic space

area 145+ | living tools

You could build a history of living, changes in lifestyles and forms of family relationships through an account of the evolution of places in the home that are indispensable for…

Gallery TOTO

area 145+ | living tools

TOTO‘s new Gallery TOTO in the new Sky Lounge ‘WA‘ of Narita International Airport Terminal 2 doubles as a showroom for the iconic brand‘s state-of-the art designs while providing an…