New geometries text by Marco Casamonti

Data-driven<>geometry mutation text by Davide Del Giudice

letture critiche/critical lectures
A Lineage of Formation text by Matias del Campo & Sandra Manninger
Precursors and experiments in "non-linear" geometry text by Silvia Fabi

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario
Asymptote architecture / Yas Hotel
JOHO architecture / Herma Parking Building
RUR architecture / 0-14 tower
The Scent of the System text by Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto
Centre Pompidou Metz / Shigeru Ban architects
Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse Kyeong Sik Yoon / KACI International + Shigeru Ban architects
Tori Tori Restaurant / Rojkind Arquitectos+Esrawe Studio
Dalian International Conference Center / Coop Himmelb(l)au
One Ocean / soma architecture
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport / Massimiliano Fuksas
Raffles City / UNStudio

The part for the whole text by Valter Scelsi

itinerario contemporaneo / contemporary itinerary
Minho-Galicia itinerary a cura di Joao Alves

esiti concorsi / competitions

recensioni mostre e libri / exhibition and book reviews

new media

new geometries

area 124 | new geometries

The heroic age of experiments on complex spaces and forms has worn itself out in the efforts of those who, convinced of the necessity of that research, made themselves and…

Data-driven geometry mutation

area 124 | new geometries

The change of the paradigm in architecture. The last few years have seen a change in the paradigm in architecture and in the development of forms that goes beyond postmodernism…

A Lineage of Formation

area 124 | new geometries

How to make flower pots more durable? This, almost humble, question set a mechanism into motion that ultimately shaped the course of architecture massively. The French gardener Joseph Monier answered…

Precursors and experiments in “non-linear” geometry

area 124 | new geometries

The use of computers has resulted in architectural forms in continuous development; even a partial use of them makes it possible to trigger a creative process that, starting with a…

Yas Hotel

area 124 | new geometries

The Yas Hotel, a 500-room, 85,000-square-meter complex, is one of the main architectural features of the ambitious 36-billion-dollar Yas Marina development and accompanying Formula 1 raceway circuit in Abu Dhabi,…

Herma Parking Building

area 124 | new geometries

In Korea for the development of a new town, developers parcel out the land in lots according to the usage such as a business area and a residence area, based…

0-14 tower

area 124 | new geometries

O-14, a 22-story tall commercial tower perched on a two-story podium, broke ground in February 2007, and comprises over 300,000 square feet of office space for the Dubai Business Bay….

Centre Pompidou Metz

area 124 | new geometries

My first thoughts when beginning the design were two recent phenomena concerning art museums throughout the world today. The first trend, which has become widely known as the “Bilbao Effect”,…

Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse

area 124 | new geometries

The Nine Bridges Country Club-Clubhouse is a 16,000-squaremeter facility that serves a golf course. It has an underground level and three floors above grade. There is a main building, VIP…

Tori Tori Restaurant

area 124 | new geometries

Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico City and due to its remarkable success, Tori-Tori is now moving to a bigger location in the same area of Polanco,…

Dalian International Conference Center

area 124 | new geometries

The task for the design of the Dalian International Conference Center is to create an instantly recognizable landmark of the above mentioned urban development in Dalian. Situated at the terminal…

One Ocean

area 124 | new geometries

The main design intent was to embody the Expo’s theme The Living Ocean and Coast and transform it into a multi-layered architectural experience. Therefore the Expo’s agenda, namely the responsible…

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

area 124 | new geometries

Shenzhen is one of the most important industrial cities in China and a very popular tourist attraction. The city, which has registered a rapid growth, is located in the southern…

Raffles City

area 124 | new geometries

Unstudio’s mixed-use Raffles City development is located near the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, located 180 kilometres southwest of Shanghai. With a city population of 1.69…

The part for the whole

area 124 | new geometries

The part for the whole. Italian architecture and architects from 1965 to 1985 on show in Paris La Tendenza, architectures italiennes 1965-1985, the exhibition that opened last 20 June at…

contemporary itinerary: Minho-Galicia

area 124 | new geometries