area 153 | out of the ordinary living

architect: BIG

location: Copenhagen, Denmark

year: 2014

Recent years have demonstrated a substantial and sustained increase in the number of student applicants throughout Denmark. As the number of students continues to grow, additional student housing will be needed to accommodate them. There are few strategies that allow cities to expand. Yet, Copenhagen‘s harbor remains an underutilized and underdeveloped area at the heart of the city. By introducing a building typology optimized for harbor cities we can introduce a housing solution that will keep students at the heart of the city.

Meanwhile, the standardized container system has been developed to allow goods to be transported by road, water or air, to anywhere in the world in a complex network of operators at a very low cost. By making use of the standard container system we are offered the framework for an extremely flexible building typology.

By stacking 9 container units in a circle, we can create 12 studio residences which frame a centralized winter garden; this is used as a common meeting place for students. The housing is also buoyant, like a boat, so that can be replicated in other harbor cities where affordable housing is needed, but space is limited.

architectz: Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange, Andreas Klok Pedersen
project leader: Jakob Sand
team: Aaron Hales, Elina Skujina, Jakob Lange, Nicolas Millot, Raphael Ciriani, Toni Mateu, Tore Banke
year: 2014
typology: container housing
client: Udvikling Danmark A/s
collaborators: Big Ideas Dirk Marine/house On Water
size: 4.200 mq
location: Copenhagen, Dk
status: in progress