area 127+ | colour in design

architect: Swatch

year: 2013

March 1, 2013: Swatch celebrates 30 years.The new Summer 2013 Collection is a feast for the eyes and emotion for the heart. Swatch confirms its style with a wide variety of new models, an exciting selection of contemporary pieces, inspired by ethnic, colorful and cheerful.

What is your favourite colour? What color does your products identify with the most?BLUE in its many shades – from innocent to intense, possibly with a purple skew.
TRANSPARENT – the color of many opportunities, the color of sincerity and straightforwardness, the color that can be “dressed” with any mix…for Swatch it is the color of provocation, surprise, innovation.

Light, material, colour: how do the three elements dialogue in your projects?
By definition, I think that any project in which a creative idea is involved needs to take into consideration color, light, materials, volumes. For Swatch, the relationship between color and materials is a fundamental element and a lot of time and resources are spent with our partners to define the best mix related to the design idea. In this respect, research is a never ending process and every project opens new opportunities. The product should “live” it sown life as a full being, all the elements of its DNA have to be balanced. Then of course the product comes to life in our shops, where external light becomes even more important as it helps to stage the product properly.

How much does the colour count for the commercial success of a product?
As colors have a language of their own, and they are deeply and intimately connected to our emotions, secret desires and psychological profiles – they are a key driver of the success of our products.
As we are also very close and very aware of trends, of course we develop our color language according to the seasons and the overall mood: this is one of the most interesting parts of our job – to study, to foresee, to anticipate, to interpret the world of colors and their almost infinite shades.
And what a wonderful feeling – when the world expands at unison to the sound and vibe of a certain color!

What role does colour play when designing a product, and in particular for your actual Spring collection?
In the seasonal themes, we pay even more attention to the mix of colors and their balance with graphics and materials – for this season, definitely identified by a need for “safety” and good feelings, while aspiring to a bit of provocation and courage to be shown – colors offer the perfect medium to stay relatively close to timeless expressions of good taste and recognizable iconic pieces while opening up to brightness, freedom, self-expression and strong statements. This is why we have developed strong color stories, with emotions.
The energetic feeling of a colorful time accessory that tells a special story, as only Swatch can do, is an unmatchable injection of enthusiasm for every day.