Conjunctions are wholes and not wholes , what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant, from all things one and from one all things


Stonethica is aimed to a future ethical development, enhancing the contrast thanks to a subjective vision of beauty, in a global context of sustainability. Stonethica produces stone materials through an eco-sustainable cycle: the waste from the processing of marble and natural stone is recycled and assembled in the Stonethica slabs using a non-toxic bicomponent resin.

Stonethica's philosophy emphasizes a contrast between the vision projected to the future of the company and marble, a material considered classic and excellent in the Italian tradition. The visual contrast invites the observer to reflect on it: it draws attention thanks to a different surface, where the texture is expertly assembled by craftsmen. The perfection of the execution, does not allow to find any discontinuity, from a visual and tactical point of view.


Thanks to its products, Stonethica leads its research towards a more sustainable future whitout renouncing aesthetics and funcionality.
From classic slabs to real pieces of art, versatility is one of the three key points of the project, together with eco-sustainability and the use of natural stones aggregated by a completely non-toxic resin. Stonethica slabs are ideal for floors, walls, kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces, but incredibly adaptable also for interior design objects.


The Contrasti washbasin by Moreno Ratti, the Futura bookcase by Giorgio Gaudio, the chair and table by Paola Navone are amazing examples of beauty and potentiality that can be obtained monotonous thanks to the wide variety of materials available and offers a wide chromatic choice: from the cream of Calacatta, to the blend of Carrara Mix, to the greys of Bardiglio up to the bright colors of Giallo Siena. There are a lot a choices available. Stonethica has chosen to carry out a real research aimed at the ethical sustainability of the stone working.

Aware of the uniqueness and value of marble, Stonethica offers an alternative ethics thanks to a 360° analysis of the production process: infact, the marble cuts are recovered within a radius of 30 kilometers from the production laboratory. The final product is made up of 99% of marble and natural stone production waste. Thanks to these characteristics, both in terms of production and sustainable research, Stonethica products contribute to the achievement of standards for Green LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Assessment Method) constructions.