area 119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

location: Messina

year: 2010

1. The bridge with the “S“ shape to slow speed and to remember the initial of Sicily.
2. The bridge supported by 20 pillars as there are Italian Regions.
3. The pillars are large in order to accommodate everyone inside of the large exhibition and parking areas.
4. Each pylon represents an Italian region and it’s culture, its traditions, its art and its products.
5. The cost of each pillar is supported by its region.
6. Each pillar is designed by a different architect from the stress region.
7. The visit of the bridge allows a mini tour of Italy, and so the concept, and a unique work that can attract visitors from around the world, with its attendant economic benefits.
8. The bridge can be an instrument to promote Italy's image in the world and return power to those parts of our country sometimes forgotten.
9. In addition to the description, the pylons will also host hotels, hostels, restaurants and all facilities necessary for visitors and the amount of staff that will ensure its management.

Gaetano Pesce, New York, March 2011