architect: curated by Cherubino Gambardella

Plastic Village – “Il limite imperfetto tra architettura e design” is an initiative promoted by Fondazione Donnaregina for contemporary arts in collaboration with Fondazione Plart.
The project is coordinated and curated by architect Cherubino Gambardella under the patronage of Seconda Università di Napoli. It is composed by a three-day workshop (16-17-18 November 2015) and an exhibition (3rd of December 2015 to 9th of January 2016). A research over one of the most complex and current issues of our times: immigration.
Fondazione Plart is one of the most important polymers collections in the world including a 1500 design pieces exhibition, from anonymous and everyday design, to contemporary artists and designer works. Beside, it is also a place of researching on the plastic field, which includes collaborations with several academic institutions. Plastic Village is an investigation over temporary plastic housing solutions for hospitality. Those ideas not only meet the technical requirements, but also give importance to architectural ethical and social values.
The work curated by Gambardella is linked to his previous exhibition made at Triennale di Milano in 2014, entitled Supernapoli in which was shown an utopian vision of a new urban fabric. Gambardella says that the need to create a Plastic Village is not just technical, but “is important to give the welcoming, a pleasant character since the first phase, which is the most difficult one. The immediate hospitality, to be solved smiling, with a proper architecture, while waiting for a definitive first aid structure or, even better, a solid stable integration ".
The textile architecture is an alternative to the temporariness, a way to generate integration between people rather than isolation, in order to feel guests not foreigners.
During the workshop, being held before the exhibition, the students will be asked to explore, analyse and propose solutions to the nomadic way of living and the hospitality, in order to design a minimum living space made in plastic. After the workshop, a team of artisans by Plart, will create a real prototype. The architectural approach by Gambardella is an interesting method which is not limited to an out of context idea but, thanks to 24 drawings made with the now rare collage technique, he gives his vision about these participatory and adaptable to any urban context solutions.

Workshop: 16-17-18 November 2015
Exhibition: from 3rd of December 2015 to 9th of January 2016