area 115+ | relax

architect: Bauke Knotterus

year: 2008

Rotterdam based designer Bauke Knottnerus approaches design on a macro level using large threads to create large scale knitted objects. With these gigantic yarns, you can create/knit long objects that are actually made using giant knitting needles. These needles and the over-sized strings, filled with various types of foam, they form the building blocks for a variety of object from soft seats to carpets. One piece features a series of multi coloured strings that can be tied or woven together, while another consists of a single giant knot.
In Knottnerus‘ work different generations of knitting are coming together as well as production techniques. The fabric that covers the actual knit is circular knitted, then the piece is knitted by hand. These comfortable pieces of design, conceived in a variety of scale, give to the space a pleasant playful taste, typical of relax areas destinated to kids. But they also stand in space as conceptual and overtly pop objects that can liven up both private and public spaces with a surreal and ironic atmosphere. From March 16th til August 14th 2011, MoMu Museum (Antwerp) presents the exhibition “Unravel / knitwear in fashion“. Bauke Knottnerus has made two special editions of his Phat Knits in the context of this exhibition: Gradient & Giant. These new and unique works will invade the entrance hall and exhibition space during Unravel.

Bauke Knottnerus (1983) graduated in 2008 from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) with his PHAT KNITS series. Ever since, he's working on different projects amongst which as a material designer for the Dutch fashion designer Marga Weimans and as a cook for food designer Marije Vogelzang (PROEF ). His work has been exhibited at the DMY, design festival Berlin (June 2010), IMM cologne (January 2010) and in 2009 at TALENT Milan at Rosanna Orlandi. His work has been published in BLEND, Surface, FRAME , Viewpoint and photographed by Nick Knight for SoftFurnishings, the erotic house of Peter Saville for Wallpaper*. Living and working in Rotterdam.