Palazzo Medici, commissioned by Cosimo I and officially recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in the "serial site of the Medici villas and gardens of Tuscany" in 2013, is located at the foot of the Apuan Alps near to Pietrasanta. It has always been home to prestigious events and in accordance with this tradition, from April 30 to May 29 the building will host the retrospective exhibition dedicated to the famous Italian designer Paolo Ulian, event curated by Imaginificat.

Ulian, among the most versatile and important Italian designers of the moment, is considered ideal heir of the common thread of creativity began with Castiglioni, Sottsass, Munari and Mari who renewed with humor, versatility, aesthetic sensibility and even ethics the set of objects that "inhabit" our daily life. Moving gently and with moderation, he is able to reinvent objects that are part of the collective memory, bringing to life poor and/or waste materials.

Domitilla Dardi, historian of design at MAXXI in Rome writes about Ulian's research on recycling materials : "Nobody like him today in Italy - and perhaps beyond - knows how to work with the waste and how to turn it into a sublime project. In this way he does not just use the material through recycling or reusing but he uses the  cut of marble as a key element of the project.After all he learned that from the great master, Enzo Mari."

His method is made of insights but also of reflections on aspects linked to the social context, ethical and environmental issues, all increasingly tied to the best artisan tradition of Italy: the result is exciting  and recognizable creations, due to Italian tradition and at the same time suitable to be placed on the international market.

After the work of a year, finally the event is realized and it owes its success to the support of some of the most important companies of the Made in Italy, including Valcucine Spa, Paola Lenti srl, Schiffini, Vittorio Bonacina , Ceccotticollezioni, Artemis, Roda, buffalo marbles, Archimek, The Fablier, Giulio Vanelli Marmi, Sanlorenzoyacht, JADE Ltd., Zava, Carraradesignfactory.

Simplicity, naturalness, few frills, much substance: the installation guides to the historical interpretation of Ulian's production, accompanying visitors on a journey full of surprises and suggestions.


Location: Palazzo Mediceo - Viale Leonetto Amadei, 230 - 55047 Seravezza (LU)
Period: April 30 - May 29 2016
Opening: April 30 2016 - h 6.00 pm -  Palazzo Mediceo - Viale Leonetto Amadei, 230 - 55047 Seravezza (LU)
Timetable: Thursday-Sunday 4.00-8.00 pm
Free entrance
Info: tel 334/3642524