area 115+ | relax

architect: artefact group

year: 2011

The modwells system is a new consumer-focused healthcare experience that is integrated into our daily lives and improves our physical and emotional health toward a better quality of life. The system acknowledges that every person has unique personal needs for health and wellbeing. It accommodates for those needs through a very customizable solution, blurring the line between Medical and personal lifestyle. There is a significant focus on our healthcare experiences these days, with the new healthcare reform and business incentives for healthcare innovations, but in the end the consumer himself has the highest impact on his health, if he lives a healthy lifestyle and if he is willing to take more responsibility himself. Therefore we saw an opportunity for a personal health system. The modwell system consists of:
- “Mods”, a collection of sensors that collect and assess health data, provide basic feedback and alerts.
- A trestle that allows interacting with the data collected by the mods and recharges them.
- A collection of accessories that can be optionally used to extend the mod’s capabilities
- An application that allows to dive deeper into health data, to manage personal goals, share experiences with friends and connect with healthcare professionals
The modwells system accommodates individual needs through a very customizable solution, blurring the line between “medical” and “personal lifestyle”. We envision a platform that allows you to combine biometric data in any combination that suits you and ultimately allows you to look at different combinations of data in a way that makes sense to your situations and needs.

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