area 154 | acoustic temples

architect: Shigeru Ban Architects Europe + Jean de Gastines Architectes

location: Paris, France

year: 2017

The island, located in the Seine River, southwest of central Paris, was the site of Renault‘s manufacturing plant from the 1930s until 2005. The 36,500 sqm musical building, will contain a multi-purpose concert hall with up to 6000 seats, a classical music hall with 1150 seats, rehearsal and recording rooms, practice facilities, restaurant, shop, spaces for orchestra musicians, and an outdoor park that forms an inviting entry sequence into the complex.

The concert hall dedicated to amplified music concerts allows many different types of entertainment. It holds 4000 seats and can accommodate up to 6000 people with the seated-standing configuration. When the telescoping seating system is stored, the space between the stage and the permanent seating allows a standing audience.

When the telescoping seating system is deployed, the space allows a full seated configuration. The structure features a rounded transparent skin supported by a signature geometric reticulated wooden structure, creating a protected micro-climate filled with light. To maximize solar gain, rotating photovoltaic sail is automated to work with the rotation of the sun.

design: SBA Office in Charge: SBAE + Jean de Gastines Architectes
location: Seguin Island in Boulogne-Billancourt (Suburb of Paris), France
site area: 23000 sqm
building area: 16000 sqm
total floor area: 36500 sqm
date: March 2013 - April 2017
cost: 170 million euros
team: SBAE: Shigeru Ban, Philippe Monteil, Nicolas Grosmond, Geoffroy Boucher, Alessandro Boldrini, Masashi Maruyama, Sara Lazzarin, Amélie Fritzlar, Alexis de Dumast, Veronica Arianna, Mathieu Chapus, Patrick Allan, Marc Ferrand, Grégoire Defrance, Kazuhiro Asami, Claude Hartmann
JDGA: Jean de Gastines
photos: Didier Boy de la Tour