architect: CollectiveProject

location: Hyderabad, India

year: 2019

The lake house is a private retreat designed as an entertainment space and a break from urban life. Located on a steeply sloping and rocky site overlooking Durgam Cheruvu Lake in Hyderabad, the property is nestled in the heart of the city and still feels completely isolated. Thanks to its topography, the site has a privileged view over the water to a nature reserve and the contrasting density of the distant HiTec City - a 150-acre technology park that has become an important part of the urban landscape. In contrast to Hyderabad's standard architectural response to fill, level and clear the site, the lake house hovers in mid-air, allowing the natural terrain to become a famous focal point of the architectural experience.

A double reading of the house depending on how you look at it. Enclosed towards the outside where the stone blocks cladding, rhythmed by rigid mouldings, is in contrast with nature. The shadows of the mouldings mix with the shadows of the vegetation creating interesting plays of light.

Once you cross the threshold, everything changes. Large glass surfaces mixed with teak walls invert the relationship with nature by displaying large internal courtyards. Large terraces overlook the difficult and rocky ridge towards the lake; terraces complete with swimming pools that allow you to enjoy the view of the surrounding landscapeThe large terraces. A place from which to admire the city from afar and able to create the personal protection that every house must have. A place to look but also to think.