Ceiling, wall, fitted, island or worktop hoods, aspirating or filter systems, as well as air purifiers. Objects in a range of shapes, finishes and materials, ‘intelligent machines’ that use sophisticated technology to remove smoke and odours and purify the air. Powerful aspiration, speed and efficiency, together with silence and low consumption, are the key to Falmec’s research, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, which is an increasingly important part of the client’s final choice. Innovation and quality are the guidelines of the company’s whole activity, from planning to production, aimed at creating systems that can concretely improve everyday life and comfort in the home. Aspiration ability is obviously the primary aim and it is guaranteed by the experience of Falmec technicians who put all their knowledge of air flows, quality and efficiency, as well as the integrated function of all the hood components, at the service of design. The process of designing new solutions is a fairly complex one, because all the elements involved contribute to the success of the product: from the motor to the filters, the mechanical parts and the materials with which they are made. Every detail has to be studied as a whole, especially when a product with a compact size that still guarantees complete efficiency has to be created. In a kitchen the cooker hood is an essential element for maintaining a clean, healthy environment, able to eliminate unpleasant odours, as well as humidity and fat that accumulate when cooking food. Avant-garde research, flexible production, the development of new technologies and original creativity have allowed Falmec to transform from a small artisan producer of heaters to a leader in aspirating systems in Italy and abroad, able to bring to the sector the high added value of innovation and a completely unique combination of design and technical excellence, together with full efficiency, reduced energy consumption and silent operation.

Today the plant in Vittorio Veneto, in the province of Treviso, produces over 140 models of cooker hoods. The production process demonstrates the company’s approach that is 100% Made in Italy, from the initial design to the end product. It starts with the raw material, an AISI 304 stainless steel sheet, an alloy of 18% chrome and 8% nickel. Hygienic, easy to clean and extremely resistant to rust, as shown in laboratory tests in a saline environment, it is without a doubt the best material for cooker hoods. The metal sheets with a scotch brite finish are laser cut, shaped and bent, to give a form to both the inner and outer parts of the hoods. The outer shell and mechanical parts are created and a motor, filters and electrical connections are added. Obsessive quality control ensures excellence right from the initial phases of the process, through the creation of all the hood components, with special attention to assembly, final tests and even packaging. Falmec hoods come in a very different range of shapes, sizes and finishes. For the most elegant design solutions, a great deal of skill is needed to create the surface finishes, because these objects will have to fit in a contemporary setting, enhancing it and stimulating the senses of all those who inhabit the space. Smell and sight are obviously involved, but touch is also brought into play by the material surfaces and sophisticated textures and, above all, so is sound, because the silence of its products is one of the aspects on which the company’s R&D department has focussed a great deal of work. It has developed and improved the motors, reducing noise and has especially concentrated on air flows, which are often the main cause of noise. Thanks to its partnership with the University of Padua, Falmec has managed to avoid useless turbulence and has patented an NRS soundproofing system, which uses sound absorbing material inside its cooker hoods. The same considerations also apply to sustainability and energy saving. More efficient motors obviously use less resources and the use of filtering hoods do not disperse warm air into the environment, but purify it and re-emit it, reducing heating costs at the same time.
And that is not all. A perfect level of comfort obviously depends on air quality, on air that is clean and free from pollutants. Atmospheric indoor pollution, whether in private homes, work spaces or public areas, is a too-often neglected threat to our health. From the daily use of chemical cleaning products, to harmful substances produced by heating, air conditioning or electrical appliances, the quality of the air we breathe is often extremely poor.
This is why Falmec has patented the E.Ion® System, which uses ionisation to release ions similar to those in the atmosphere into closed spaces. Air control during purification takes place in complete silence through the progressive change in colour from yellow to red of leaf-shaped lights in the hood, which show an improvement in environmental conditions. Performance is just one aspect. Today cooker hoods are often chosen for their aesthetics, whether the element is the focal point of a composition in the space, or if it has to disappear inside furniture or surfaces surrounding it. In the latter, and apparently more simple case, the technical perfection of Falmec allow downdraft and ceiling hoods to be perfectly coplanar to surfaces, creating a rigorous perimeter and disappearing from view when not in use. This clean, essential image complements Minimalist style, which is still very popular in modern interior design, despite other current trends. By contrast, when the cooker hood has the task of bringing identity to the space, materials, finishes and colours are used to customise forms and volumes. Metal, glass, ceramic and even concrete are used for the outer shell of systems that become precious jewels, enhancing kitchens and also open-plan living areas. Artificial lighting integrated in the hoods increases their functionality while, at the same time, creating suggestive, welcoming atmospheres and giving the objects a magical aura.

The synthesis of this delicate balance between form and function, performance and aesthetic customisation, is Circle.Tech, the new collection of cooker hoods that combine perfection and harmony of function, advanced technology and striking contemporary design. Hoods in this range combine aspiration and filtering in a single body, optimising efficiency, reducing bulk and offering new, original design possibilities. Unlike traditional hoods, the Circle.Tech system is developed horizontally: air emitted passes through a filter that surrounds the motor and is spread evenly. Its circular shape also ensures the maximum filtering surface in a compact space, excellent aspiration performance and extreme silence. With their exclusive Carbon.Zeo filter, combining active charcoal and zeolite (a volcanic material that is ideal for absorbing organic compounds and water vapour) the hoods in the range are twice as effective at reducing odours as classic filter solutions. The Circle.Tech collection includes the Sophie, Dama, Materia, Soffio, Vetra and Loop island hoods, objects that become true furnishing elements with their use of fine materials, special finishes and integrated LED lighting systems.
Today Circle.Tech represents the highest expression of Falmec research, which does not stop at the results obtained but continues to explore all the most common aspirating systems on all fronts. For example, the hoods integrated in induction hobs, for which there is a great deal of demand on the market, solutions that require the utmost attention to reducing bulk, size and heat dispersion, for which the company has found brilliant solutions that will be seen at the next edition of Eurocucina.

Bellaria is the air purifier with E.Ios System technology. A sophisticated object whose exterior is handmade with Murano glass, to light and furnish a space.
Bellaria is the air purifier with E.Ios System technology. A sophisticated object whose exterior is handmade with Murano glass, to light and furnish a space.

This all-round vision has also led to Bellaria, an innovative air purifying system that uses an active ion system to create a healthy balance in indoor environments, eliminating annoying odours and potentially harmful substances. It is a ‘nomadic’ product that can be moved from the kitchen to other areas of the home, adding a touch of style and improving the comfort of the environment. Bellaria employs E.Ion® System technology, which improves bacterial presence by 85%, as certified by tests carried out by the University of Padua.
Bellaria, which won the Silver Prize in the ‘Wellness and Relaxation Products’ category of the European Product Design Award, combines the dual function of an air purifier and light in a single object, with an adjustable LED system, becoming a real furnishing accessory for living spaces, bedrooms or offices. Bellaria’s aesthetic is enhanced by its elegant, minimalist design and by its Murano glass body, made exclusively by hand by master Venetian craftsmen. It is further proof, as if it were needed, of Falmec’s roots in its local area, it’s ability to draw on the complete competence that has always been a feature of the company and its desire to continue to develop, while remaining faithful to its essential expertise.