area 122 | sustainable way

architect: UNSANGDONG Architects

location: Kyeong Gi, South Korea

Our civilization, having been progressed on industrialization and information, confronts to absolute demand for coexistence with nature. All the traces of civilization from architectural activities could mean ruins from the nature‘s point of view. What we call civilization is producing dead architectural space and places by futuristic demands. As the society is civilizes the natural environment goes towards ruins. As capitalism is on progresses, the consumption-oriented society makes focus on environmental issues making global warming, exhaustion of natural resource and energy draining a subject that we can‘t avoid. Especially the population of big cities, architecture, infra… because of theses endless expansions and consumptions, a new type of urban residence is required. Based on Landscape Architecture and Ecological Architecture, the demands for eco friendly system achieved by the combination artificiality and nature and symbiosis is also in that issue.
As the theme of a new type of dwelling, we suggest Energy + Green Home above Energy Zero. It is a type of dwelling which is a combination of architectural products of natural properties and a production way of artificial technology. This green home includes diverse factors such as structural system, materials, spatial composition, landscape-enrichment and facilitated human life. The roof concept integrating a landscape and energy system is accommodated. This work adopts shapes from nature such as chaos, fractal and folds to the space. Rooftecture is that the roof, which is the most important part of a shelter, brings natural shape and transforms to physical skin in a more abstract way. A technology skin including energy product system is combined with it. The system of Rooftecture with minimized energy loss, gain of maximum solar energy with the gradient of the roof, curved shape using water resource and outdoor terrace are teamed up and become a whole roof like a landscape with the appropriate crease, angle and bumpy face. The roof, like a consequent mountain shape efficiently uses natural resources such as the sun, water, earth and wind.
It is a sustainable housing producing energy with the optimum system adopted through eco friendly architectural technology. Architecture and nature are harmonized and residents meet nature factors in daily life. It is a rational and emotional housing taking shape and system from nature. New organic architecture is extracted from nature inspired technology which studies the principle of all natural creatures.