area 119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

year: 2011

“In 1994 I created an activity in New York to produce vases and objects with polyurethane resin, developing a specific know how and an original approach to the material over years of hard work and continuous experimentation. Today the experience and experimentation associated with the use of these materials continue with Meritalia, with which I have by now cooperated for a long time with positive results; this year the company begins to present a collection of lamps in the market. Mainly in polyurethane resin, they comprise four categories: table lamps, sconces, hanging and standard lamps. Meritalia thus amplifies its sphere of operation , becoming a “multidisciplinary” company whose products  range from the field of upholstered furniture, to tables, to chairs, to containers, to supplies and now to lighting apparatuses. The small lamp manufacturer I created in a distant 1996 with the name “Open Sky” today returns active, and is enriched by the experience of Vanna and Giulio Meroni and the expertise and genius of their collaborators. I have thought of another name for this company: from now on it will be called “Edizioni del Pesce” and will open its activities with sixteen models, some from the Nineties and others that are more recent, and from our days. I hope that the public will show appreciation for this proof of the willingness of Meritalia to revive Italian design and contribute with its resources towards the progress of Design.“ Gaetano Pesce, April 2010

“O sole mio”, half lamp half clock, is an elegant art sculpture that measures and embraces the passing of time and the movement of Earth in contrast to the Sun. This monumental wall-mounted object tells time through the dynamic relationship between a motorized solar disk and a metal track. The are two versions of this Sun Clock Lamp – one that move in a wide circular option on the wall and another that move slowly along a thin horizontal bar, allowing for continual change in the composition, balance, and simmetry of the piece. The solar disk, red in colour, has a diameter of about 38 cm and is made of a flexible translucent resin material. Behind this disk are 14 small halogen bulbs of varying degrees of light intensity. When these are turned on, light gleams through the disk with a solar “corona“ effect: darker at the centre, lighter at the edges. Adjustable through remote control, the light can be set to a desired intensity, up to 300 watts. A microchip allows the Sun Clock Lamp to synchronize itself against the sun outside both daily and seasonally. Standing between the functional and the metaphorical object, the Sun Clock Lamp‘s simplicity and dynamics make it a timeless piece of art. As in all of Gaetano Pesce‘s work, the poetic relationship between function and form animates this creation. By coupling such poetic investigation with a tenacious use of a new technology and materials, Pesce has created with the Sun Clock Lamp an extraordinary innovative time piece.