The new pavilion "The Colour Palace" designed by the young studio Pricegore with the London artist Yinka Ilori opens to the public in the garden of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London. As the artist himself says: "Patterns and shapes welcome you calmly from afar until you get closer and closer, and you are struck by an explosion of color that immediately draws your attention.

The pavilion is the result of a design competition organized by the Dulwich Gallery - designed by Sir John Soane in 1817 - and the London Festival of Architecture. Conceived as a fusion of languages and cultures from Europe to distant West Africa, the pavilion draws its inspiration in its texture from the fabric markets in Lagos, and in its formal composition in the curves and right angles of Sir John Soane's Gallery.

The Colour Palace is a 10-metre-high cube with an audacious geometric design, resting on four enormous red cylinders. In the centre is an atrium where visitors can admire the structure from different perspectives, including through a raised internal viewing platform.

Throughout the summer there are events and activities open to the public such as yoga and storytelling meetings. It can be visited until September 22nd.

@Adam Scott