area 101 | álvaro siza

architect: Álvaro Siza

location: Naples, Italy

year: 20032006

The project for the Museo di Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina in Naples chiefly involved restructuring a historical building which had already been transformed a number of times over the centuries. Alvaro Siza’s intervention firstly involved eliminating several structures which obstructed the central courtyard. The historical building, typical of mid-18th century Neapolitan architecture, was completely restored and adapted to the current requirements of a modern art museum. The project was clearly defined according to criteria requested by contemporary museology. The specific quality of this institute is represented by a new collection, which forms part of the permanent exhibition, a collection of works created by artists selected for the exhibition spaces located on the building’s first floor. The second floor is dedicated to the rest of the permanent exhibition and the third, to temporary exhibitions. A library, a bookshop, a children’s area, restaurant and bar are located in the new spaces overlooking via Settembrini. Beneath the great courtyard is a vast multi-purpose hall used also as an auditorium. Siza’s project is in perfect harmony with the historical structure, while the newly integrated elements are distinguishable for their simplicity. The entire museum expresses a certain reserve in its expression of structured elements, in order to concentrate the visitors’ attention on the works displayed in a simple, harmonious environment.

architects: Alvaro Siza Viera, Studio DAZ (Dumontet Antonini Zaske architetti associati with Massimo Sibilio)
collaborators: S. Lanza, S. Malpani, Ola Boman, A. Cristiano, Giorgio, M. Henschel, M. Lapenta, D. Lettieri, D. Manzi, T. Sorice, G.Testa, R. Urbaneja
structural project: Paolo Massarotti
collaborators: A. Correggia, A.Vallone
client: Banco S. Paolo Imi S.p.A., Napoli
contractor: Iter Cemsa srl Gruppo Giustino Costruzioni, Napoli
mechanic systems: 4M Engineering, Pozzuoli (NA) Raul Bessa-GET, Oporto
Ellemme Impianti Spa, Napoli
electric systems: 4M Engineering, Pozzuoli (NA)
consultants: C. Accetta, A. Martins Protecno Impianti Srl., Pozzuoli (NA)
fire system: Michele Giustino Stopfire, Pozzuoli (NA)
clerk of works: Fabio Dumontet (studio DAZ)
clerk of construction: Giuseppe Samperi (Giustino Costruzioni)
responsible for the building site: Nunzio Recano
security responsible: Alessandro Marra
project: Semptember 2003 - October 2005
start of works: March 2004
end of works: May 2006
end of archeaological area: May 2007
photos: Giuseppe Testa