architect: Vaillo+Irigaray Architects, Galar, Vélaz

location: Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

year: 2017

The proposal by Vaillo+Irigaray Architects, Galar, Vélaz is a way to interveen in a 19th century building and it is a reflection about memory, the pass of time and the evolution of architecture. Traces of the past are engraved in the new buildings, like a memory of ancient geometries. An unfinished architecture that will be shaped by the time.

The proposal maintains and enhances the original values: a 19th century building pavilion typology, pleasant landscape neglected until now, interesting spaces between pavilions, suitable scale, well-proportioned patios, good connection between the patient and the environment, perfect relationship between nature and architecture. The aim is to enhance the original "hygienist spirit" and "therapeutic spirit" favouring occupational therapy and daily activities as fundamental treatments elements for good care of patients: therefore the relationship of architecture with the "domesticated" nature is re-focused, the exterior spaces and courtyards generated between the general circulations.

The project aims to offer a hybrid between new and old buildings, trying to enrich the values ​​of the existing thanks to a new "dressings" which would work as a functional "prosthesis". In the same way that prostheses help the preexisting building to recover a lost function in order to accommodate new healthcare trends and assimilate new technologies. It is intended to generate an "atmosphere" similar to the existing one, through contemporary buildings, supported by current and flexible technological construction systems, inspired by existing architectures.

The entire building is constructed in structural architectural concrete both facades and roofs, so the entire construction acts as a large beam. The concrete is coloured with the same tone as the cement that joins stones and bricks of the old buildings. In this way, it is intended the give the entire complex a dominant shade. The geometries of the arches of the old buildings are engraved on the new facades, as a memory of the past. The building will blacken and take on the patina of the old buildings, depending on its orientation and dominant winds, and little by little the building will blend with the previous ones.

architects: Vaillo+Irigaray Architects, Galar, Vélaz 
Antonio Vaíllo i Daniel, Juan L. Irigaray Huarte Daniel Galar, Josecho Vélaz
location: Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
area: 9.820 sqm
client: Servicio Navarro de Salud - Osasunbidea
structural engineering: Raúl Escrivá – OPERA Ingeniería
facilities engineering : José Javier González – GE ingenieros
photographer: Rubén P. Bescós
competition first phase: September 2009
project: April 2010
cost: 65.500.280 euros
masterplan: 291.455 sqm
total gross area: 51.966 sqm
competition second phase: December 2010
project: April 2012
end of construction: 2017
cost: 11.635.772 euro
superfaces: 9.820 sqm