architect: Eutropia Architettura

location: Firenze

year: 2015

Comparing with great designers from the XX century has always required architects a significant effort, especially when dealing with places with an architectural character or a special impact on urban scale and social environment.
Trough a contemporary approach, the architectural practice Eutropia Architettura has brighten up a small apartment inside the famous residential complex "La Nave" by Leonardo Ricci, located in Sorgane, the Florentine social housing neighborhood, designed by Giovanni Michelucci in the 60s.

photo by Eutropia architettura

Ricci's complex consists of a very complicated system of paths, connections and common spaces, aimed to let the residents meet and benefit of public spaces, in a way according to the concept by Le Corbusier in the Unité d'Habitation.
Eutropia Architettura decides to accept the old structure, approving some of the principles of Ricci's original project, while addressing its weaknesses.
In fact, the proposal shows a living space that looks out to the shared yard, opening up in a balcony, and maintains the several connections to the common areas of the complex, like to the staircases, to the corridors etc.
Between the living space and the sleeping area there has been placed a huge library, like a filter, singular and distinguish element of the whole flat.

photo by Eutropia architettura

The cell has standard dimensions, meant to be repeated and inserted in any structural frame.

photo by Eutropia architettura

The main goal of this small renovation is the reactivation of the living space in order to give a new life to Sorgane, enhancing the quality of the residential district, considering the urban scale and not only the architectural project.
The architects want to overcome the "closed ghetto", proposing a more open urban vision, where the flat is the manifest of the residents'identity, showing honor and respect for its original designer.

title Cellula per una Casa Minima
architects Eutropia Architettura (Matteo Baralli, Luca Barontini, Jacopo Carli, Ugo Dattilo, Valentina Pieri, Antonella Tundo)
year november 2015
location Sorgane, Florence
photographs Eutropia Architettura