BE BRASIL is an emotional journey into Brazilian design, that visitors will experience during the 2018 Fuorisalone in Milan this year.
Thanks to 65 artists, who will be telling the history of the Brazilian design, from Modernism until nowadays, Apex-Brasil will show these works of art during the 2018 Milan Design Week, from April 17 to 22, at Spazio Edit in via Maroncelli 14.
Be Brasil is an unprecedented journey that will lead people directly overseas, focusing on Brazilian creativity and culture, having the chance of admiring personally the innovation and the originality of this country, one of the economic powerhouses of the entire world.
Be Braisil is organized by the Brazilian Consulate in Milan and it consists of a complete overview of the Brazilian design, starting from the 40s till the current times, with more innovative and cutting edge solutions.


CINTO Chair by Carol Gay

The main hall of Spazio Edit will hosts the most important and substantial part of the project, namely the exhibition entitled "Dal Modernismo ad oggi", through some significant elements.
"O Sentar do Brasileiro" is about different ways and typologies of chairs, considering the diversity of cultures of the country.
Creativity, innovation and sustainability are the key words of this special project by Apex and Sindimóveis. Among the designers there are Jader Almeida, Guto Indio da Costa and Estudio Bola. The curator is Ethel Leon, journalist and Professor of history of design, and the organization is led by Progetto Raiz. Among the exhibited works, you will find the MIA Chair by Jader Almeida, with its simplicity and geometric lines, meant like an extension of the human body, and the CINTO Chair by Carol Gay, made by stainless steel seat belts, evoking subversion of the standard use of materials.
“Mesa Brasileira" is a real stunning staging with a table and small objects made by designers like Saint James and Leandro Garcia. This one is the author of Fita Tray, with its metallic smooth long border and solids and voids that contribute to its function.
“Luminárias" is a lightning exhibition showing new solutions in this field by Gisela Simas, Simone Oliveira, Geo Luz Cerâmica and Accord. The big open spaces of Spazio Edit suit perfectly the show of these lamps. A special mention must be given to Congonhas Pendant Lamp by Gisela Simas. The lamp is made in American walnut wood and it is inspired by the wings of the airplane Boeing 737-800, sorting out like a mix of technology and freedom.
"Nossa Casa" is the section curated by Camilla Fix and Jorn Konijn. This area offers the most contemporary visions on Brazilian design, focusing on innovation and starting from the local culture in order to reproduce new and modern objects 3d printed.
Among the designers, there are Gustavo Martini, Ronald Sasson, Alva Design, Guto Requena and Marcio Kogan.