Sustainable way text by Marco Casamonti

Green Economy text by Corrado Clini
Urban Texture, climate and energy text by Sergio Salat

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario
Mathias Klotz/UDP Central Library
Claus en Kaan Architecten/Niio-Knaw
Studio Archea/Green Energy Laboratory
Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos/Interactive Museum of History
Mecanoo Architects/Texel Maritime Museum
JB Ferrari & Associés/Administrative Building
WMR arquitectos/Hotel Surazo
Königs Arkitecten/St. Mary's Seashore Church
Boeri Studio/Bosco Verticale
Unsandong Architects/E+Green Home
Karawitz Architecture/Passive House
Gambardellarchitetti/Penthouse bioclimatica a forma di cappello
Renzo Piano Building Workshop/Aerogeneratore

The Mission of the "Leaf" interview to Maria Paola Palermi
London 2012/Olympic Paralympic Games a cura di Laura Andreini

sustainable way bibliography journey

itinerario contemporaneo/contemporary itinerary
Lyon itinerary a cura di Antonello Boschi, Andrea Bulleri

esiti concorsi/competitions

recensioni mostre e libri/exhibition and book reviews

new media

Sustainable way

area 122 | sustainable way

There are terms that simply define objects or situations, others that merely describe characteristics by turning them into adjectives, and some – and this is by now universally recognized for…

Green Economy – economy growth & climate challenge

area 122 | sustainable way

The matter of the climatic change The challenge of two degrees centigrade It is a known fact that all countries agree on one goal, namely to reduce emissions of carbon…

Urban texture, climate and energy

area 122 | sustainable way

In contrast to modernist urban planning, which tends to uniformity and repetition of simple oversized objects, the morphological textures of historic cities combine a high degree of fractal scaling structure…

UDP Central Library

area 122 | sustainable way

The Diego Portales University is a non-profit private organization that has been founded in Chile 27 years ago. It is located in the center of Santiago, in an area called…


area 122 | sustainable way

Two of the existing three branches of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) will be housed in this building. The complex will comprise a main building with laboratories and offices,…

Green Energy Laboratory

area 122 | sustainable way

The cooperation agreement signed in November 2007 between the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea has resulted…

Interactive Museum of History

area 122 | sustainable way

The building site, which until not long ago housed industrial structures is located in a position relatively displaced from the historic centre of Lugo. However, it will soon become a…

Texel Maritime Museum

area 122 | sustainable way

Since the start of the design process, sustainability has been one of the inspirations for the design of Kaap Skil. Kaap Skil not only has ground source thermal storage -…

Administrative building

area 122 | sustainable way

Faced with the imminent renovation of its historic 17th century “Chateau” and the need to centralise several scattered administrative departments, the municipality of Prilly launched an architectural competition in late…

Hotel Surazo

area 122 | sustainable way

The hotel is located next to the sea, on a land on which in the 1900s the old port facilities were located and later a Franciscan Monastery. A 4×4 wooden…

St. Mary‘s Seashore Church

area 122 | sustainable way

St. Mary’s Seashore Church is situated directly on Germany’s North Sea coast, separated only by a dyke from the Unesco World Natural Heritage Site of the Wattenmeer mudflats. A bird’s eye…

Bosco Verticale

area 122 | sustainable way

photo by Boeri Studio The Vertical Forest project aims to build high-density tower blocks with trees within the city. The first example of a Vertical Forest is currently under construction…

E+Green Home

area 122 | sustainable way

Our civilization, having been progressed on industrialization and information, confronts to absolute demand for coexistence with nature. All the traces of civilization from architectural activities could mean ruins from the…

Passive House

area 122 | sustainable way

The town of Bessancourt lies about 28 km north-west of Paris. An old and intact town centre with narrow alleys, courtyards and small houses surrounds the church, which dates from…

Penthouse bioclimatica a forma di cappello

area 122 | sustainable way

Hat-shaped bioclimatic penthouse Strategy In the spring of 2009 an old friend called me and told me: “do you remember when I asked you to redecorate my room at my…


area 122 | sustainable way

The new wind generator belongs to the “mini wind turbine” category; it is compact but nevertheless produces about 55 KW. The design features a light and transparent structure with some…

the mission of the “Leaf“

area 122 | sustainable way

Katia Carlucci: Loccioni is a company which has specialized for about 45 years in various activities that vary considerably, as research, innovation, measuring and testing, energy and connecting. Is there…

LONDON 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sustainable Games

area 122 | sustainable way

The imminent arrival of the Olympics 2012, whose opening ceremony is scheduled for the forthcoming 27 July, will represent the first phase of the ambitious upgrading works planned by the municipal…

contemporary itinerary: Lyon

area 122 | sustainable way