Angelo Brescianini, N. 85 spari pistola cal 5,56, lastra d'acciaio inox, 80x80 cm

AICA | Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art

Milano, March 17 – April 8, 2016 | opening Wednesday March 16, 6.30 pm
Naples, Aprile 16 – May 14, 2016 | opening Friday April 15, 6.30 pm

Trigger the bullet, measure, firing distance: this is the accurate ritual Angelo Brescianini reiterates to realize his works. Instead of brushes, he uses guns: 44 magnum, rifles and colt. The artist decides positions and distances, almost like an alchemist, to shape up its iridescent steel plates, without ever destroying the surface. After the great success at Arte Fiera Bologna last January, AICA Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art Gallery presents “L’ Angelo e la pistola”: an itinerant exhibition that will first take place in Milan, from March 17 to April 8, and then will move to Naples, from April 16 to May 14. In the two exhibitions we can admire about twenty steel, aluminum and copper sculptures, “sculptured” in that unique way that distinguishes Angelo Brescianini works of art: with firearms’bullets.

Angelo Brescianini, N. 61 spari pistola cal. 44, lastra d'acciaio inox, 100x100 cm
Angelo Brescianini, N. 61 spari pistola cal. 44, lastra d'acciaio inox, 100x100 cm

His three-dimensional elements can be considered as object-paintings, moved and shaped canvas, usually in monochrome, that acquires plastic and sculptural meaning. A way to express that searches complex relationships between space-light and form. Brescianini can not however be considered as a "canvas shaper" artist as many others: is the artist who manages to stop the time, describing labyrinths. He wants and gets the support transformation by chosing metal sheets frames rather than canvases. The artist realizes fast works: the goal is to create works which born with the same speed than the idea comes in his creative mind. "The work of art raised from gesture immediacy, is the only true expression of what we want to express in nature": with these words he explains his work.
After long years of trial, mistakes and experimentation, his works communicates with Lucio Fontana lacerations on canvas, and represents an evolution of Niki de Saint Phalle’s ballistic experiences, who research over the gesture immediacy by exploding random shots over prepared bags full of colors. None of Brescianini collegues was, however, able to enclose and simultaneously convey the light in just one instant, using the speed of a bullet, and to give true immediacy captured on a metal surface that collects light creating unexpected and winding paths. This new technique, which makes weapons, born to offende and defende, tools that give life to art, is now considered by many critics, a real revolution in the twenty-first century art world, defining Brescianini an innovator and his style unique in the world.

Angelo Brescianini, Senza titolo, due lastre acciaio inox, diametro 132 cm
Angelo Brescianini, Senza titolo, due lastre acciaio inox, diametro 132 cm


After an initial technical training, he began his artistic career in the late sixties with the first "shots" on rusty metal plates and took part at the Biennale di Padova (1968), his first official participation in a public exhibition context. The artist inherited the passion for precious woods and their essence by his father, an expert cabinetmaker. He opened a cabinetmaking workshop starting to work with wood and metal sculpture. Manual work with the lathe and other tools, practiced since the late seventies, allows him to refine a great dexterity in shaping of the material. In this period Brescianini passes from painting to sculpture, always using an abstract language that characterizes both the work of the Seventies than those of the eighties, with geometric figures that distinguish both decades. In this time he met the architect Luca Pastorio, painter Ezio Pastorio’son, with whom he collaborated in the design and construction of works of art in which are embedded precious metal plates and Cassinari, Fiume, Munari and Bonalumi bas-reliefs. After his sister's death in 1991, that deeply influence him, Brescianini concentrate on structural and chromatic research. The meeting with the kinetic artist Horacio Garcia Rossi, with whom he worked assiduously for years, led him to concentrate almost exclusively in kinetic sculptures development and realization. During the late '90s and early 2000s, he began to experiment over steel surface shaping by gunfire. In 2012, Museo del Presente in Rente (CS) dedicated him a large retrospective. In 2015 Brescianini exhibits in Miami and at Unix Gallery in New York; he is also invited to exhibit at Rigorismo exhbition, between philosophy and Pop Art, at the prestigious Italian Institute of Culture in New York, alongside artists like Agostino Bonalumi, Pino Pinelli and Turi Simeti. In October 2015, MAON. Nineteenth and twentieth centuries Art Museum of Rende (CS) dedicates him an important exhibition entitled A...ferro e fuoco.The works of Brescianini are present in important public and private collections both in Italy and abroad.


Milan  AICA Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art | Via Massimiano, 25 - Milan
Opening Wednesday March 16, 6.30 pm
Date March 17 – April 8, 2016
Timetable  Tuesdays - Saturdays, 3-7 p. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
Free entrance
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Naples AICA Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art | Via Cappella Vecchia 8/A (P.zza dei Martiri) – Naples
Opening Friday April 15, 6.30 pm
Date April 16 – May 14, 2016
Timetable Tuesdays - Saturdays, 11 am - 7 pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
Free entrance
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