area 123 | on the water

architect: Fritsch Durisotti

Real close-hauled keelboat, the Class 2M is a sailing boat that combines performance and design. Made for sailing on calmer waters, the Class 2M can be appreciated by amateur sailors who like to go with the flow or by more experienced sailing enthusiasts.
With its large and uncluttered cockpit, and great sailing features, this day-boat is the perfect choice for either solo sailing or for family outings.
Its contemporary hull, which cuts easily through the water, and its large and powerful sails will delight those looking for speed on the water and for the more demanding of boat-racers.
A real innovation for this type of keelboat, the keel of the Class 2M can be lifted up, making it easy to carry and launch and great for inter club regattas. The mast is also very simple thanks to a system conceived right from the start of the design process.
Sober and clean lines characterise the design of the Class 2M where functionality inspires its shape. This project can also be defined as minimalist where the will to draw uncluttered lines gives a time-less style.