area 116 | Norway

architect: Code architecture

location: Bergsbotn, Senja

year: 2010

The Bergsbotn-project is part of the Norwegian National tourist routes project; unique drives through the most spectacular countryside Norway has to offer. The National tourist routes are being developed and operated by the Norwegian Public Road Administration as a nationwide project. The Bergsbotn-project is the second to be opened at the Senja-route. Senja is an island in the north of Norway, the project is located in the bottom of a fjord at the place where you get the first glimpse of the ocean after driving over the island. The project itself is a 44meters long and 4meters wide bridgelike structure. You enter in the middle walk towards viewpoints in both ends. Transverse steelribs and longitudinal bent wood cooperate to make a construction that collars out 10m towards the sea to the west and over a canyon in the east. The wood is core wood of Siberian Larch, witch is very weather resistant and will turn silvery grey in time.