area 116 | Norway

architect: Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk

location: Folldal

year: 2009

The 42 km Rondane Tourist Road goes on the east side of the Rondane Mountains from Enden in the south to Folldal in the north. The centre is situated near the midpoint of this route, and the place also serves as a main starting point for mountain hikers.  Strømbu is also an information centre for several activities in the district, and the place is basically run and operated by the local parish. The main building has a section that creates quite different situations on the two sides. Towards the parking area, a planted slope with stairs and a ramp leads to a roof terrace. From the terrace there’s a view towards the mountains and the passing mountain river. Towards north is a quiet room for rest, with fireplace and view to the wooded river terrain. In-between the two situations is a complex organisation of the kiosk and information area, serving both the outdoor and the indoor. It was also a practical aspect of the section, since the slope gives place for å large septic tank for the toilets, not possible to position below the ground water level. The toilet facilities are placed sin a separate building.