area 100 | changing cities

architect: Ryue Nishizawa

location: Tokyo, Japan

year: 20022005

The Moriyama House consists of seven dwellings; one for the client and six freestanding apartment units. The plot is located in an attractive part of Tokyo where the traditional Japanese urban atmosphere still remains. The urban pattern of this area consists of repeated buildings and small openings. In order to join the pattern, we decided to scatter the rooms independently within the site. Such an arrangement of volumes enabled us to determine the size and shape of each individual room freely and to provide every home with a small garden. Various characteristics were given to the units such as, three-story unit with a broad sky view, a squared shaped unit half buried in the ground, a unit with a very high ceiling, or a unit surrounded by gardens in all direction and also diverse exterior spaces were created such as small enclosed garden or alley like spaces. Each room has varied relationships with the surrounding exterior spaces. We sought spaces that did not close themselves into the interior but spaces that flow from interior to garden and alley; a living space that relates to a quality of Tokyo.

location: Tokyo, Japan
program: residenza/ appartamento
principal architect: Ryue Nishizawa
associates: Ippei Takahashi, Yusuke Ohi, Kimihiko Okada (former staff)
structural engineers: Structured Environment (Alan Burden, Taizen Nieda, Hirohide Tao) (former staff)
mechanical engineers: Kankyo Engineering (Masakazu Gokita, Tsugihisa Narita)
site area: 290.07 sqm
built area: 130.06 sqm
total area: 263.08 sqm
structural system: steel plate monocoque
constructor: Hesei Construction