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An elegant, highly flexible product permitting quick, easy alteration of lighting distribution and offering an opportunity to add new light points at any time, anywhere along the way: a magnetic anchorage system ensures the complete mobility of the modules in The Running Magnet along a magnetic track recessed in the wall or ceiling. The LED modules used provide ambient lighting thanks to different lengths and powers and accent lighting by using different optics. The Running Magnet project, designed by Flos, is now expanded with a simple, refined suspension version in which the suspended channel is underlined by integrated indirect LED lighting with dispersion of light upwards, creating a warm, cosy effect. The family of light fixtures has grown with the addition of a new asymmetrical wall washer model for mounting on the ceiling, which may also be used as an individual light fixture.

The Running Magnet by Flos
The Running Magnet by Flos

firm Flos
dimensions to measure
colours black (track)