area 148 | addition

architect: Fernando Visedo Manzanares

location: Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

year: 2014

After the recapture of the town in 1482 the keep is very run down and practically abandoned cause the loss of space and ceiling of the top floor. The return of the top volume was made with mud concrete juxtaposed with historical techniques of integration through the areas that have maintained a sufficient percentage of material. Subdued light filtered through plywood Dome informs us of the historical situation in which it found for 5 centuries open.

photo by Fernando Alda
photo by Fernando Alda

1. Access to the tower and the deck.
2. IPE wood floating cover, covering the room through a plywood structure similar to the original layout.
3. Conservation of existing ground floor room by removing the various mortars covering the original layer, cleaning, consolidation and fixing the historical substrate and the realization of a homogeneous coating paints.
4. Intervention on the facades.

photo by Fernando Alda
photo by Fernando Alda

Five types of intervention build on the facades. Restitution of stones and mud. Consolidation of mud and masonry. Integration with historic adobe recess. Gunned areas where mud loss is greater than 15 cm to be a stretch to replenish thickness which is reduced to the implementation of the excessive mud and contrary to solved by mortar based coating. Juxtaposition of mud and concrete access to the tower. Finally, homogenizer set treatment with mineralizing surface maintaining current texture and color.

surface: 3 piani. 432 sqm
budget: 603.278 euro
client: Consejería de Cultura. Junta de Andalucía
architects: Fernando Visedo Manzanares
collaborators: Jesús López Jiménez, Víctor Rejón Orellana, Jose Carlos Armesto Canalejo
contractor: Hermanos Campano
structures: Lanik
completion: 2014