Rebel’s Garden is the first edition of an ideas competition for the design and construction of the garden surrounding the Rebel’s Microbrewery in Rome.

Rome, symbol of the Italian brewing movement, offers the chance to taste a wide variety of Italian and foreign beers, through events and specialized events and it always opens new horizons to the fascinating world of craft beer. In this context Rebel's House, near Via Ardeatina in a predominantly industrial character area of ​​Rome, inside a Roman country house of the '70s, Rebel's Microbrewery produces beers tests new projects.

The microbrewery is located in a strategic position a beautiful scenery of the Roman countryside is enjoyable and it represents an example of restoration and enhancement of an unused building through the brewing activities.

The goal of the competition is giving a unique identity to the space surrounding the house and implementing an innovative and creative environment for lovers, tasters and curious people.
45 team participated to the competition. The project of  the team LANA-L, called B-Snake, is the winner: the set-up runs around the house like a long snake, it is a sort of path that offers the possibilities and activities to be performed in the open air context . A path similar to the brewing process from grinding to bottling.

Winner: LANA - L
Team: Simone Antonelli, Laura Cecconi, Matilde Forte, Mattia Proietti Tocca, Simona Russo
Project name: B-Snake
Mention n°1: Nordlys Arkitektur
Team: Michela Benignetti, Livia Gangarossa, Gildo Incitti, Federica Mares & Federica Paolucci
Project name: BEREcycle 
Mention n°2: Fi.Chi
Team: Chiara Zonta & Filippo Galli
Project name: Micro-City 
Mention n°3: CO.RRE Landscape
Team: Francesca Cosmai & Alessandra Torre
Project name: TASTE ROAD 
Mention n°4: WM Team
Team: Federico Giunta, Filippo Lorenzi, Iacopo Federico, Cristina Renzoni & Ambra Arduini
Project name: The Flow 
Barbara Barboni
Rosalia Vittorini
Gabriele Lizzani
Michele Guerriero
Tullia Iori