Research into materials, evolving technologies, new ideas and styles for the forms and lines in every sunshade element or system: in a word, integrated design permitting development of practical and attractive solutions for outdoor living under the best conditions of comfort without neglecting image or aesthetics.
Only the perfect combination of functional and aesthetic aspects can transform any occasion into a unique experience by creating sheltered areas for spending time outdoors at any time of year. This is why the BT Group’s creative and design work has produced a new generation of pergolas, presented at R+T, the international trade fair held in Stuttgart in February.
The new proposals presented by the company from Lesmo include R600 Pergoklima, an innovative bioclimatic pergola in a refined style characterised by a combination of advanced technical features with clean, simple lines. The perfect example of this approach is the refined LED lighting incorporated into the outline of the eaves, adding value to the aluminium frame and creating a brightly lit, cosy, intimate space which won’t consume too much energy.
R600PERGOKLIMA2The ideal solution for using outdoor spaces in all weather, R600 Pergoklima has aluminium strips measuring 22 cm long x 4 cm high which can be oriented
between 0° and 140°, complete with seals and drainpipes at the sides.
R600 PERGOKLIMALike all products in the BT Group’s range, this solution is custom-made in response to specific requirements; the maximum size of a single module is 4.20 long x 6 m wide, with only four 20x20 cm uprights at the corners.